Holiday houses in Liguria & holiday apartments in Liguria

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Vacation in a holiday home in Liguria

Liguria is a region in northern Italy. Its capital is Genoa, one of the country's most traditional cities. Looking for a perfect vacation in traditional holiday homes? You found it!

Liguria, a taste of Italy

To begin with, Liguria is famous for its local products, such as wine from the Pigato grapevines and Ligurian extra virgin olive oil.Try to take a trip along the Strade del Vino e dell’Olio route, in the province of Savona, where you can see and taste the best of these products. One can easily find holiday houses nearby if you want to take your time savoring Liguria's delicacies.

Lounging on the Ligurian seaside

Those looking for sunnier, beachside holiday houses in Liguria should try the Beach of The Riviera Flowers. You can choose between Diano Marina - which has a quiet, family-friendly pace - or rent holiday apartments at the beach of Tre Ponti, with bars and clubs along the seaside, which has a lively nightlife in the summer.

A third option is to book a flight directly to Genoa. Holiday homes in the capital won’t be hard to find, especially if you look for holiday rentals in advance. The city is cosmopolitan, while at the same time its traditional villas lend Genoa a historical flair. Genoa offers plenty of activities for the whole family, such as the beautiful Aquarium and its Marine Museum, which tells the story of Genoa's famous port.

No matter what kind of vacation you're looking for, Liguria's culinary and natural gems are sure to please, with many holiday apartments and holiday houses in Liguria to choose from. Buon viaggio!