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Holiday houses in Andorra & holiday apartments in Andorra

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Holiday houses in Andorra – Small state in the Pyrenees

The independent small state Andorra is nestled between France and Spain amidst the border mountain range of the Pyrenees and was founded already in 1278. Those who want to rent a holiday apartment in Andorra are usually winter sport enthusiasts.  Thus, the country’s tourism industry primarily focuses on those guests. The official language is Catalan, the flag is a tricolour of blue, yellow and red in vertical stripes, the capital is Andorra la Vella and the country has a population of 85,000. Of course Andorra is, like other European microstates, a tax haven which constitutes the small countries second most important source of revenue after tourism. When renting a holiday apartment in Andorra you can actually pay in Euro as it is the country’s currency.

Holiday apartments in Andorra – Lots of winter sport activities

As Andorra is situated in a high mountain valley of the Pyrenees and offers 65 mountain peaks above the 2,000 metre mark the offer of winter sport activities is very extensive. Subsequently holiday apartments in Andorra are ideal for fans of downhill and cross country skiing, carving, snowboards, sleighing, ski trekking, ski jumping or speed skiing. But one can also find dog sledding, biathlon and winter pentathlon in Andorra. During the summer one can go hiking, discover the many rivers and streams with climbing ropes or go diving. Partly even ice rinks and roller skiing are offered throughout the year as the demand is very high.

Cultural and culinary diversity

Due to the closeness to the borders of France, Castile and Catalonia the diet of Andorra is influenced by these countries. Typical dishes include rabbit with tomato, duck with winter pear, wild boar ragout, lamb from the oven, river trout and grilled escargot. This shows the variety of the Andorran cuisine of its neighbours’ best dishes. Of course one can also find the long-lasting influence of the Arab culture in the countries delicacies. One just has to take a look into the shop windows of a confectionary. Holiday apartments in Andorra are available in the villages Canillo, Encamp, Ordino and La Massana. Now you just have to choose according to your preferences and you will be guaranteed a great holiday. Travelling to Andorra is easy by car as the great motorway connections will lead you almost to the front door of your holiday apartment or house.