Holiday houses on Bornholm & holiday apartments on Bornholm
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Vacation in a holiday home on Bornholm

Bornholm is the perfect destination for an active holiday. Visitors can enjoy the hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, fishing, windsurfing and other activities on a holiday in the area, but the island is best known for its rock climbing and diving. A vacation in a holiday home on Bornholm allows visitors to take full advantage of all the outdoor activities on the island, with the ultimate flexibility and all the comforts of holiday homes. Holiday houses on Bornholm are easy to book as there are many holiday houses or holiday apartments available for rent.

A Diving Holiday on Bornholm with Holiday Rentals

Denmark is not a place that typically comes to mind when thinking of diving locations, but Bornholm's Baltic coast with its many cliffs, sand and shale have lead to large algae formations which makes the diving conditions comparable to those in exotic diving locations. Divers can spend the day exploring the colourful algae beneath the waves before going home to a relaxing evening in their holiday homes. Bornholm has several diving schools where visitors can learn to dive, and tours for intermediate and advanced divers. The most popular tour is exploring the wreck of the Fu Shan Hai, Europe's largest shipwreck; with many holiday apartments situated nearby.

A Rock Climbing Holiday on Bornholm with Holiday Rentals

Rock climbing is another popular activity on Bornholm; with many cliffs and rocks for climbers to choose from. Visitors can climb the coastal cliffs with views overlooking the sea, in old quarries or in one of the several rift valleys on the island. The island is small so any climbing destination on Bornholm is an easy day trip from one of the many holiday houses scattered around.