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If you prefer active holidays there are possibilities to go biking, mountain climbing, hiking, horse riding, strolling by the sea, sea fishing and fishing in the lake, windsurfing, diving , driving sea jets, parachuting, water skiing , playing beach volley, tennis and swimming. It is possible to choose between sandy, ...
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rocky and gravel beaches, and many hidden lagoons ideal for quiet and relaxing vacation. Or you can simply visit local traditional house where you can eat delicious natural seafood and ecologically grown vegetables and meat.
You can use low cost public bus transportation or rent a bike, motorcycle or car to visit countryside or medieval cities with rich history like Rijeka, and beautiful natural park Plitvice. Local boats could take you to the nearby islands of Krk, Rab, Pag, and Cres.

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source: Ribaric
Novi Vinodolski is located in the southeastern part of Kvarner County lowered slightly below the wooded slopes of Kapela, near the fertile valley of Vinodol, with the indented coastline of Velebit channel.

In the central part of the northern Croatian coast, from an old Frankish fort called Novigrad, has developed ...
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and expanded along the coast tourist town of Novi Vinodolski, the center of today's Vinodol riviera. This historical, political and cultural center of Vinodol (" Vinodol" - "Vallis vinearia"), the cradle of writers from the Mažuranić family, proudly preserves the memory of the Vinodol Law from 1288, the oldest Croatian legal monument written with cursive Glagolitic. Thanks to the evergreen vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea and air, Novi Vinodolski became in the 1878th, shortly after Opatija, one of the first seaside resorts of the region.
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source: Komadina
45 kilometers southeast of Rijeka, the main port of the Croatian Adriatic, stretches a beautiful Novljanska Riviera, a distance of 17.5 km in a straight line, or 21.3 kilometers ecologically clean, and picturesque surroundings. Coastal tourist towns, which are based by crystal clear sea, a sort of pearl necklaces Croatian ...
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tourist-coastal tourism. The western part of the Novi Riviera is located, more than a thousand years, the city of Novi Vinodolski.
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source: Veta Trade d.o.o.
The sun, the sea, the walks, deep shade, beautiful beaches, white façades, red roofs, various tourist programs... it is in a nutshell the experience of Novi Vinodolski, a Mediterranean city where at the end of the 13th century the famous Vinodol Act was enacted.

It was a political and cultural ...
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centre of the Vinodol principality, a city which developed from the old Frankopan fort called Novigrad.

In literature, Vinodolski is described as the hometown of a group of writers from the Mažuranić family, as a city of a specific coastal architecture and panorama which is known in recent times for the specific architecture of the city centre.

There is a lot of shade also in the main beach the characteristics of which are clear sea water, and old pine wood, palm trees, sand, rocks, playgrounds, coffee-shops, restaurant and music.

The whole experience is enriched by the hospitable people of Vinodolski and of the region, which speaks in favour of the long tourist tradition of this city, which is, after Opatija, one of the tourist pioneers of the region since 1878.

Why go to Vinodolski?

In addition to accessibility, the high rating of the crystal clear sea, the mountain air from the nearby high woods well known to the hunting enthusiasts, and the hospitable local people will be crucial importance when choosing an ideal place for vacation.

It is good to know that, except for the sun and the sea, Vinodolski offers wellness programs, sports and recreational programs, sea water pools located near the beach, saunas, and all that is necessary to meet the yachtsmen needs. Gas stations, cranes, a parking lot and other offers which represent the quality of nautical tourism are situated in the city port.

Novi Vinodolski has 25 hectares of vineyards and the quality of the wine is best judged by wine connoisseurs.
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source: Vukelić-Brkljača
Apartment is in a quiet location, but only one street away from the center of the city and a few minutes walk from the sea and the beaches. Big and spacious apartmant can accomodate 5 people.
source: Stošić

In the central part of Northem Hrvatsko primorje,at vinodol rivijera,from the ancient fortress Frankopan called Novigrad,tourist city of NOVI VINODOLSKI setted out by the sea coast. Novi Vinodolski ,Historically established as a political and cultural centar of Vinodol Principality( "Vinodol"-vallis vinearia and Vinodol statue 1288 ...
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)thanks to evergreen vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate,clean sea,water and air,it was considered in 1878,only after Opatija,pioneer of tourism of the coast.

The soul of the city of Novi Vinodolski consists of remains of cultural heritage,namely : Old walls of roman fortress"Lopsica",remains of monk monastery "Pavlina",Frankopan fortress with castle,Cathedral,church of St. Trinity and church of St. Marin located at the small island with the same name, reading-room and Library built in 1845,homeland museum and gallery,nucleus of the old city´s centar,as well as preserved authentic and original folklore of this city.

Well known hospitaly of inhabitants,crystal transparent sea,the city and surroundings free from industry polluters,corrent of mountain air coming from high woods of an immediate forest,suitable for chase tourism,give to Novi vinodolski invaluable ecological advantages.

Aquatorium of the citys port with berths,gas stations,crane and,devices for vehicle lifting and lowering,parking place

The city is connected with the Europe and Mediterranean by Adriatic tourist road,railway station of rijeka (45km),the airport of Krk-Rijeka(35km)and especially by blue sea ways.
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source: Maričić

Novi Vinodolski is situated in Kvarner Bay, in the northern part of the Adriatic coast on the Riviera of Novi Vinodolski at the entrance of the Vinodol valley. Thanks to it's evergreen vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea and air it well known as nice tourist ...
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point of the seaside region.

Novi Vinodolski is accessible by car via the Adriatic tourist road and it takes mostly a day time to get there from most of European regions.
It is located only 45 km from Rijeka, the town which has good railway connections with Europe. Also 45 km from Novi Vinodolski, on the island of Krk, there's a airport Rijeka-Omišalj, which is one of the possibility how to reach the town.

Novi Vinodolski, along with it's hotels and apartments, has many restaurants which serve tasteful seafood and traditional cuisine. The soul of the town is represented by the rests of the cultural heritage: walls of the Roman fortress "Lopsica", Frankopan citadel, Old town with church of Holy Filip and Jakov, chapel of the Holy Trinity, the house of the Mazuranic brothers, reading club and library from 1845, homeland museum and gallery, the old core of the town as well as the preserved authentic folklore of this town.

During the summer there are plenty of happenings in the Novi Vinodolski and neighboring towns, some of them are the concerts, summer carnival and Winerose of the Vinodol.

The unique geographical location makes Novi Vinodolski a perfect start point for numerous daily excursions. You just need to decide whether to visit neighboring historical and medieval towns : Drivenik, Grizane, Bribir, Ledenice and Tribalj, well known for its fresh water lake. Or, maybe You want to make a picnic to Breze and Lukovo and breathe a fresh forrest air...

One-day motor boat trips are organized from the city harbour, taking visitors to the neighboring villages of Selce and Crikvenica and to the islands of Krk (Vrbnik, Baška) and Rab.

Tourist agencies organize trips by bus to the Postojna cave in the neighboring Slovenia and to the world's famous croatian national park Plitvice lakes.

Also, for those guest who seek active holidays, there are several bike routes which make exciting opportunity for exploring the Vinodol valey.
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source: Gencel

Low priced bathing fun and beautiful interior

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