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You just have to see Vrbnik! Vrbnik is situated on the east coast of the island of Krk in Kvarner Bay. The old town settled above the sea is really enchanting. This ancient, stone-built town, that appears to be emerging from the sea and immersing into the blue ...
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sky above it, was built in harmony with nature....
Vrbnik has always been a place ideal for artists. Its beauty that inspires can be seen in hidden corners and unexpected places and many find an inspiration for their artistic achievements here.
Vrbnik is known worldwide for its exeptional Glagolitic cultural heritage. Glagolitic script is the oldest Croatian script dating from 9th century AD and it is very significant that one quarter of all preserved glagolitic manuscripts are from Vrbnik.
Vrbnik is also widely known by its autochtonous sort of wine grape called Vrbnička žlahtina. You can try that well known dry white wine, as other Krk specialties in one of numerous wine-cellars / taverns (konoba) and restaurants in Vrbnik.
Vrbnik has around 1000 inhabitants during winter period, and around 2000 inhabitants in summer.
Vrbnik is the right choice for all who do not prefere mass-tourism, but are in search of original Mediterranean charm. The one who experiences Vrbnik once, always comes back... Find out why!
Short notes on Vrbnik's history:
Vrbnik is one of the oldest settlements on the island. Its close area was inhabited in prehistory - the earliest archaeological artefacts found in Vrbnik's vicinity can be dated as early as 4000 years B.C. (Neolithic Age). Just opposite of Vrbnik,on a hill-top overlooking Vrbnik's harbour from north, are remains of a Bronze Age settlement (1200 y.B.C.) whose thick dry-stone walls can still be seen. There is also material evidence of Liburni tribe (Iron Age) and Romans living in Vrbnik area. Many ruins of small churches and chapels can be seen in and around Vrbnik, some of them more than 1000 years old.
Vrbnik was first mentioned by that name in „Deed of Donation of Glorious Dragoslav“ dating from 1100.y.A.D.
In 1388.y.A.D. Vrbnik got its Statute, a very important source of knowledge in Medieval law and also a splendid testimony on high civilisation level of the town in that period.
Vrbnik is closely bonded with Frankopan family- princes of Krk who played a significant role in history of Krk and Croatia. It is said that they called their possessions in and around Vrbnik their patrimony, which may imply their Vrbnik origine.

The main town beach in Vrbnik is called Zgribnica. Zgribnica is a pebble beach in a cove 10 minutes walk from the centre of Vrbnik. The beach has also flat rocks and concrete surfaces made for sunbathing. Zgribnica beach is marked with „blue flag“ which is an acknowledgement for its cleanness and ecological preservation but also for its quality of equipment. There is a catering establishment with an offer of drinks, ice-cream and food (grill). The beach has a toilet, a shower and there is a possibility of renting parasoles, chais longues and pedal-boats. Pets are not allowed on the beach.
There is another lovely beach we would like to recommend to our guests – Kozica. Kozica is a small pebble and rock beach situated in a small cove hidden in a pine grove, 10 minutes walk from Zgribnica beach and 15 minutes walk from the centre. A nice stroll through the pine grove,starting from topmost part of Vajavina car park (in the end of Supec street, just above Zgribnica) will take you there.
There are two small beaches in Vrbnik harbour,which are favoured by locals: Nuluk and Pod Kovač. Nuluk is a beach with fine pebbles and shallow sea, near coffee-bar and winery. This beach is particularly favoured by people with small children. Pod Kovač is a very small beach beneath high rocks. It is right next to the breakwater (with red signal station). A short passage through a rock leads to this beach which is insolated only during forenoon when particularly pleasant for bathing.
We warmly recommend you beach called Potovošće, a beautiful pebble beach in picturesque cove cca 2 km south of Vrbnik. A popular Croatian weekly „Globus“ placed this beach in top 50 most beautiful unknown beaches of Croatian Adriatic. You can reach Potovošće by an asphalted road on the end of which is a spacy car park (parking fee is charged during summer). There is an catering establishment (drinks only) on the beach. The simpliest way to reach Potovošće is to go up Grohot street (an uphill street starting at the end of central car park - minimarket „Supec“ should be on your left, and hairdresser's „Ivana“ on your right) and just keep going straight uphill. The road will take you out of Vrbnik, through olive groves, and shortly you will reach a crossroad where you should turn left and follow the road. One more possibility to reach Potovošće is to exit Vrbnik by the main road, turn left by Katunar Winery and just keep heading straight. This road is only partly asphalted but good for driving.
Cca 7 km north-east from Vrbnik, in village Risika, there is a very nice sand beach near Sv.Marek (St.Marcus) peninsula. 15km from Vrbnik, in the north-east part of the island, there is a bay with medicinal mud - Soline Bay.
Dogs and other pets are not allowed on most of above mentioned beaches. We will gladly recommend you small beaches and coves where you can take your pets for a swim.
There are many beautiful beaches and coves in Vrbnik area that can be reached only by sea, taxi-boats can be ordered if required.

- the parish church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary with its very interesting painted ceiling and lovely Gothic chapel of Rosary.
- the parish church bell-tower and its adjoining object in which are located Museum of Visual Identity of Vrbnik, Lapidarium and collection of archeological artifacts and sacral paintings.
- in former princes palace on old town square – Placa – are located Vitezić family Library, an interesting hometown collection and a reconstruction of Renaissance printing machine. Did you know that first Croatian printer, Blaž Baromić, was from Vrbnik?
- a street that goes between the parish church and bell-tower will bring you to belvedere with a beautiful view on mainland, and if you continue walking down Pod Keštel street, you can see remains of town wall and tower and also continue enjoying in magnificent view of the sea and the mainland.
- you can also check whether you are slim enough to pass through Klančić - a passage often said to be the narrowest street in the world...
- there are many interesting marked footpaths (hiking routes) in Vrbnik area. Those paths will bring you to hidden coves and small churches and chapels – for example, church of Sv.Juraj (St. George) or Sv.Marek (St.Marcus) or to the remains of Frankopan fortress Gradec.

Vrbnik has a very suitable position in relation to most of other towns and places on Krk island (it takes no more than 30min to reach any chosen destination on the island). There are many interesting excursion destinations (places and sights) on Krk and in the whole region. In Mare Tours agency we will gladly advise you on how to explore Vrbnik and its area on your own and you can also book many excursions (Plitvice lakes, island of Rab, boat excursions, Venice....)
These are some possibilities for excursions on the island of Krk - town of Krk, small island of Košljun with its Franciscan monastery, towns of Baška and Jurandvor where famous Bašćanska ploča (Baška tablet) was found, the Biserujka cave, Soline Bay with its medicinal mud beach, archaeological sites Mirine (Old Christian basilica) and Fulfinum (an ancient Roman town), the town of Omišalj, picturesque town of Dobrinj....
National Park Plitvička jezera (Plitvice lakes) – one of the most beautiful National Parks in Croatia.
Island of Rab – a fascinating island and town. You can reach Rab by booking a boat excursion or on your own by taking a ferry from Valbiska.
Rijeka & Opatija – Rijeka is Croatian biggest port with many sights and a lively market; Opatija is a town with great tradition in tourism, it has a beautiful promenade by the sea, villas and cultivated parks and gardens.
Islands of Lošinj and Cres – beautiful island towns Mali and Veli Lošinj, Cres, Osor, Beli and Lubenice.
In Mare Tours agency you can book various boat excursions – panoramic tour, one day excursions to Rab, night fishing or, simply, a taxi-boat that can take you to one of numerous beaches and coves that can be reached only by sea

There are number of possibilities for hiking in immediate vicinity of Vrbnik and on the whole island of Krk. You can head towards beautiful untouched coves, visit abandoned ruins of small churches and chappels. You will enjoy the unique view on wineyards and slopy landscape, walk through olive groves, discover moving and unforgetable motifs...We will be delighted to provide You with many suggestions for hiking!
Island of Krk has lately become more and more popular destination for numerous cyclists. There are many possibilities for cycling on the island. Two well-marked cycling tracks can serve You as guidelines:
- a track through central part of the island (35 km in lenght, the highest point - 190m above sea level,this track does not require top shape)
- a track through valleys and over hills of the island (62 km in lenght, the highest point – 260m above sea level, a more demanding track)
Apply to us for additional informations and advices.
Approximately 2 nm south from Vrbnik is cape Tenki. At 15m depth in a 10m long tunnel can be seen red gorgonias - visibility is good, currents are weak. An excellent diving-spot, suitable for all diving categories.
"Vrbnik's cave", wide, 20m deep room is 100m to the right from an entrance to the port. An endemic variety of goby fish (Kolombatic) was found in the cave.
Surfing -most suitable for surfing is the bay of Punat – 7 km away from Vrbnik.
Tennis– the closest tennis playground is in Punat (9 km away from Vrbnik) and in Krk (12 km from Vrbnik)

Many events are given in summertime on old town square Placa and on Škujica square – concerts, presentations, literary evenings, folklore festivals....

There are several art galleries in the old town („Vrbnik“ gallery, „Sv.Križ“ gallery...) in which interesting exibitions are organized during summer
Ivanja -St.John the Baptist's Day
On 24th of June there is festivity called Ivanja in Vrbnik – the town celebrates its protector St. John the Baptist. It is a great opportunity for attending a forenoon mass in parrish church,an especially festive mass in old Slavic language. In the evening a big festivity is held on Škujica square – welcome!

We recommend to all music lovers to visit Vrbnik 's parish church on Great Friday. On that day a confraternity called Kapari (capers), which has been active from 14th century AD, sings fascinating chants that are qualified as invaluable Croatian passion heritage.

Wine days are held on last weekend in August. It is an opportunity for tasting not only varieties of Vrbnička žlahtina wine made by all wine producers with certificates from Vrbnik, but also for tasting chosen wines and delicacies from other Croatian regions – each year another region from Croatia takes part in this event. We recommend this event by all means!
During summer you can dance along with live music band on Škujica square

-rent-a-bike, rent-a-car & rent-a-scooter possible in the tourist agency: Mare Tours, Pojana 4, Vrbnik
-ATM – cash machine (Erste Bank) : Vrbnik, Trg Sv. Ivana (at the central parking)
Exchange office in the tourist agency Mare Tours, Trg Sv. Ivana 2 (at the central parking)
-internet access in the tourist agency: Mare Tours, Trg Sv. Ivana 2 (at the central parking)
-fishing permits available in the tourist agency: Mare Tours, Pojana 4, Vrbnik
-Postal code: HR – 51516
-Petrol station: the closest petrol station is in the town of Krk:
INA - Krk 1 - 'Krk-Nova cesta', 51500 Krk, tel: +385 (0)51 221 606;
opening hours in the summer – 0-24 h:
Ina - Krk 2 - 'Krk-obala', Šetalište Svetog Bernardina 8, 51500 Krk; tel: +385 (0)51 221 130
-There are 2 grocery shops in Vrbnik (summer opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00 )
Fish market is in the center at the central parking, it is opened in the morning – depending on the offer
fruit and vegetable stand – in the center at the central parking
-Bakery – at the central parking next to the ATM-cash machine – in the summer it is opened during the whole day
-Newspaper kiosk: at the central parking
-Cafes : „Primorec“ – Placa Vrbničkog Statuta 5
„Zlatna žlahtina“ – Škujica 1
„Dubravka“ – Trg Sv. Ivana – at the parking
„Namori“, Namori 2 – in the harbour
Restaurant Nada - Glavača 22, tel: +385 (0)51 857 065;
Restaurant Gospoja - Frankopanska 1 & Škujica, tel: +385 (0)51 857 142;
Konoba Luce – Braće Trinajstić 15, tel: +385 (0)51 857 083;
Restaurant Placa – Placa Vrbničkog statuta
in Vrbnik there is a medical and dental office. Emergency doctor is in Krk (12 km from Vrbnik)
Krk– Vela Placa 3, Krk, tel: +385 (0)51 221 133 (12 km from Vrbnik)
Punat – Kljepina 6, tel: :+385 (0)51 854 848 (9 km from Vrbnika)
Ivana, Pred Sv. Križ 3
Donna, Pred Sparov Zid 10, Vrbnik
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