How to create a positive holiday experience for your guests on arrival

Even before arriving at the holiday home, guests have a feeling that is often decisive for a pleasant stay. A positive impression is therefore the be-all and end-all when renting out a holiday home. If guests feel comfortable, they will be able to enjoy their holiday and later leave the holiday home with a good feeling. A positive review or a repeat booking for the next holiday is often the result. We will show you how you can create a positive holiday experience for your guests with inexpensive means such as a well-prepared guest folder, small welcome gifts and cosy furnishings.

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Get in touch with your guests shortly before arrival

Standard arrival and stay information emails are often not particularly inviting. Add your own personal touch and send your guest a few individual words about their upcoming holiday as well as preliminary information such as culinary tips for the first evening in a separate message. Make the guest aware that there is always someone to contact if they have any further questions before, during, or after their stay. All formalities should be clarified and completed before arrival at the holiday home. Do not contact your guests too early, but only shortly before the start of their stay. In this way, you will create a positive holiday experience for them.

Welcome your guests personally

This will give you a second good impression. You have already made a positive first impression by presenting your holiday home in the best possible way. Welcoming your guests personally is a nice gesture and also leaves room for open questions. Take a tour of the holiday home together. This way, you can explain and show your guest everything they need to know on site. If you are unable to be there in person, leave a handwritten message or simply contact the guest by phone on the day of arrival. You can then answer any questions directly.

QR-Code on mobilephone

Internet access simply presented

Often the most important question on arrival is: where is the Wi-Fi password? Make it easy for your guests and present them with internet access as if on a silver platter, namely in an area that is clearly visible on arrival. Write the login details legibly on a piece of paper and place it next to or on the guest folder, for example. A QR code is even better than paper. You can create this on the Internet and place it directly visible in the holiday home.

Furnish your holiday flat comfortably

You can give your guests a positive holiday feeling from the moment they arrive by making the holiday home cosy and inviting. Try to achieve a balance between form and function when it comes to furnishings. When looking for a holiday home, design can be a decisive factor in choosing your holiday home. Match the decoration to the individual rooms. It should harmonise with the furnishings. An overarching theme, such as a beach holiday, is a good way to match the decorations. Bring colour into play and add suitable accents. However, you should always remember that less is more. Read more on this topic here: How to optimally furnish your holiday home.

flowers in holidayhome

For the first impression on arrival, you can create a cosy atmosphere by dimming the lights a little and placing fresh flowers and even a welcome gift in the holiday home. Your guests will feel right at home and can start their well-deserved holiday.

Detergent, sponge and dishcloth in a basket

Basic equipment for a positive atmosphere

Make your holiday guests happy by providing the appropriate basic equipment in your holiday home. Of course, household items such as washing-up utensils will be needed during a holiday. So that your guests don't have to buy these on site, it's worth putting out a small basket with the appropriate products (washing-up brush, sponge, cloth, and washing-up liquid).

You can also offer appropriate hygiene products in the bathroom. With sustainability in mind, it makes sense not to distribute trial products here. A soap dispenser with freshly refilled soap and dispensers in the shower for shower gel and hair shampoo are sure to score points with your guests. Other hygiene products can be selected according to occupancy and presented attractively.

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Welcome gifts for the holiday home

In addition to a well-organised arrival and the appropriate furnishing of the holiday home, you can enhance the positive atmosphere that has already been created with a welcome gift. In addition to information material about the holiday home or various excursion options, you can also provide the welcome pack with a personal gift or draw attention to a special free service. Here are a few examples of how you could design the welcome pack.

Gift basket as a welcome present

Regional specialities

Suitable welcome gifts can vary depending on the location and country. Local specialities are very popular as welcome gifts and are always well received by guests. By offering your holiday guests local products or treats, you can give them a taste of the region and help them discover the local culture and cuisine. You could select delicacies such as cheese, chocolate or pastries from the region and put them together in a small welcome basket. In a wine region, a bottle of wine to welcome the guest is a nice gesture. If the holiday home is in a warm, sunny region, you could provide sun cream and a cool drink. A small "bedtime treat" in the form of chocolate is also sure to be welcome by any guest. You don't have to go to any expense, as this is more of a friendly gesture. Of course, you can also give a homemade product from your own production as a gift, such as

  • jam
  • bread, pastries or cakes
  • your own fruit or vegetables from the garden
  • handmade items (soaps, candles).

When giving home-made welcome gifts, always observe the current hygiene regulations of the health authorities.

Gifts for the little ones

When making family bookings, don't forget the little guests, as they are the ones who are most happy about a nice gesture. This should be child-orientated and age-appropriate. Almost every child can do something with a colouring and craft package with pencils, paper, modelling clay or a colouring book. You can find out how you can also make your holiday home family-friendly in our guide article Making your holiday home family-friendly.

Prepare a guest folder

With a well-organised guest folder, you can offer your guests initial assistance with problems and unanswered questions. This means you have all the necessary information for your guests in one place. It should contain information on emergency numbers, waste disposal, and key collection. You can also provide personalised insider recommendations and tips on restaurants and excursion destinations in the vicinity. This way, your guests will know directly what they can do in the immediate vicinity.

What should be included in a guest folder?

  • Contact information (telephone number, email address, address of the holiday home)
  • Emergency information (doctors, hospital, pharmacies, location of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, emergency exits, etc.)
  • General information (check-in, check-out, key deposit, parking facilities, washing facilities, use of smart home, barbecue, fireplace, whirlpool, sauna, air conditioning, special house rules, waste separation, etc.)
  • Travel guide / map of the area
  • Means of transport
  • Leisure information (events, excursions and sights, hire, hiking trails, restaurant recommendations, insider tips, etc.)

Conclusion: A positive holiday experience for your guests

Be prepared, take as much work as possible off your holiday guests' hands in advance, welcome them personally and make sure that no questions remain unanswered. With the above tips, you have created the best conditions for giving your holiday guests a warm welcome and making them feel welcome. You show your appreciation for their booking and help to create a positive atmosphere for their stay. By providing welcome gifts, you can also improve the first impression of your holiday home and make guests feel that you care about their well-being. This can lead to your guests returning in the future or recommending your holiday home to friends and family.

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