iCal Updating Calendars – gains with no pains

With iCal you can synchronise the e-domizil occupancy calendar of your holiday home with the calendars of other holiday home portals. This is not only very simple, but also saves you the effort of manual calendar maintenance.

What is iCal?

Using iCal for calendar maintenance

iCal is a format with which the entries of different digital calendars can be synchronised with each other. It is completely free to use and no knowledge of computer science is required.

Why should you use iCal?

For owners who offer their holiday home on several portals, iCal is ideal for automatically synchronising the occupancy of their accommodation across different portals. This eliminates double bookings and the tedious manual maintenance of calendars.

Function of iCalendar

Example: An entry is made in calendar A for a specific date. The online transfer via iCal now ensures that this new entry automatically appears in calendars B, C and D as well.

And this is how it works:

1. Synchronise atraveo calendars with other calendars

Many holiday home portals, such as booking.com or Airbnb, offer the possibility to synchronise occupancy calendars via iCal. In the login area of the respective portal, you will find an iCal link for each holiday home, which you only need to copy and then paste into the atraveo by e-domizil owner area for the same property.

Enter iCal link at atraveo

  • Log in to a portal through which you also offer your holiday home and copy the iCal link provided there. Usually, you will find the link when maintaining the accommodation data or the calendar data.
  • The link looks like this: https://xxxx.portal_xyz.com/property/calendar/1234567/ical.ics? securitytoken=abcde12345fgh00
  • Now log into your atraveo by e-domizil owner area and call up the same holiday home there.
  • In the "Calendar" menu you will find a button labelled "Add iCal links".
  • Click on it and a new menu opens in which you can create an empty field with the button "Add iCal links" into which you paste the copied link from the other portal.
  • Now just click "Save" and the booking calendars of your holiday home on the other portals will be regularly imported into the atraveo calendar from now on. Bookings made on other portals will now automatically set the corresponding period to "occupied" on atraveo.
Adding iCal links

2. Exporting atraveo calendar data to other portals

Of course, you can and should not only import the calendar data from other portals to us, but also export the atraveo calendar to other portals. 

Enter iCal link at other portals

  • Analogous to the procedure described in point 2, copy the iCal link that we provide in the owner area for the calendar export in the "Calendar" menu.
  • Please note: The entire calendar data is exported via the link - including bookings imported from other portals via iCal links. If you only want to export bookings made via atraveo by e-domizil, append this string to your iCal link: &dontincludeimported=1
  • In the login area of other portals, look for the corresponding menu where you can insert iCal links of other portals. Once entered, the atraveo calendar data will be regularly exported to the respective portal without you having to do anything else.
Synchronise occupancy calendar with iCal

Enter the iCal link of other portals in the administration menu of your holiday home at atraveo and vice versa: Copy the iCal link from atraveo into the administration menu of other portals as well.

Further notes

Calendar maintenance for multiple holiday homes

If you offer more than one holiday home, the iCal synchronisation described above (import to us, export to others) must be done separately for each holiday home, as an iCal link always refers to the calendar data of a specific property. Therefore, make absolutely sure that you link the correct holiday home via the iCal links!

Own occupancy and private bookings

You still need to enter your own bookings as well as privately received bookings manually in the owner area. However, if you have entered our iCal link in all other portals, it is sufficient to enter these bookings in the atraveo owner area. We also export your manually entered bookings to all other portals in which you have entered our link.

Prices, arrival days and minimum rental periods

With iCal, only bookings can be imported and exported. Prices, arrival days and minimum rental periods are not synchronised. You need to continue to enter these details separately. In contrast to the continuous calendar update, however, the maintenance of this data is usually only necessary once a year.