Renting out a holiday home: is it worth it?

If you have not yet thought about renting out a holiday home, you should definitely consider it. Why? Here are seven unbeatable reasons why renting out a holiday apartment or holiday house could be your best investment: your key to financial freedom and an exciting new way of life.

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1. Generate additional income - without any stress

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One of the most tempting arguments for renting out a holiday home is the opportunity to generate additional income. Holiday apartments and houses can be rented out at different prices, depending on location, facilities, and season. This additional income can help you achieve financial goals, pay off debts or simply improve your standard of living. With the right strategy, you can turn renting into a steady source of income that gives you the freedom to achieve your financial goals.

2. Remain flexible and retain control

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You can decide for yourself when and how often you want to rent out your accommodation. This allows you to use your holiday home according to your own needs and generate income at the same time. Whether you rent out your holiday home at weekends, during your holidays, or seasonally - you decide.

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3. Increase property value

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Your property may be worth more than you think. Successfully renting out a holiday apartment or holiday house can increase the market value of your property. A well-maintained and well-rated holiday home is extremely attractive to potential buyers or investors and can significantly improve your chances of selling.

4. Benefit from tax advantages

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Depending on where you live and the legislation, owners of holiday homes can enjoy tax benefits. The costs of maintenance, renovations and furnishing of the holiday home can often be claimed against tax. It is best to enquire about the tax regulations in your region or ask your tax advisor.

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5. Find guests easier than ever

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Thanks to the Internet and online platforms such as atraveo, it is easier than ever to market your holiday home. You no longer have to worry about your accommodation being displayed on various sites on the Internet yourself, because by registering you ensure that your holiday home is listed on the websites of hundreds of travel portals and even thousands of travel agencies. With high-quality photos and detailed descriptions, you will be able to attract numerous potential guests. Social media marketing, targeted advertising campaigns and the platform's wide reach ensure that you can increase your booking rates in no time at all.

6. Expand your own social network

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Renting out holiday apartments and houses allows you to get to know people from all over the world. You can share experiences and stories with your guests and expand your social network. Not only can this be enriching, but it can also lead to future bookings and recommendations.

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7. Meet the demand for customized holiday homes

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Travelers are increasingly looking for unique and individual holiday homes that offer an authentic experience. Holiday apartments and houses can perfectly meet this demand as they are often personally designed and equipped. This leads to satisfied guests who may return or recommend your holiday home to others.


Renting out a holiday apartment or holiday house can be an extremely worthwhile investment. Not only does it offer the opportunity to generate additional income, but it also offers numerous other benefits, including flexibility, tax advantages and an increase in property value. If you market and maintain your property skillfully, you can build a thriving holiday rental business and benefit from the growing demand for individual accommodation. So don't hesitate to dive into the world of holiday rentals and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

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