Seasonal decorating and furnishing tips for your holiday home

How do you turn your holiday home into more than just a place to sleep - a real holiday experience that delights guests? In this article, we share valuable tips and creative ideas on how you can make your holiday home particularly inviting through seasonal furnishings and decorations - a pleasure that not only pays off for your guests, but also for you. Are you just starting out as an owner and would like to address general questions about furnishing your holiday home first? Then read our article on how to furnish your holiday home optimally. Discover below how you can create a real feel-good atmosphere at any time of year and for any occasion. Let's get started!

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Blooming creativity - how to make your holiday home shine in spring

Spring is the time of new beginnings, when nature awakens and everything begins to blossom. Why not bring this fresh, vibrant ambience to your holiday home? With these three simple tips, you can transform your holiday flat or holiday home into a blooming oasis in no time at all in spring:

Frische Blumen in der Küche

1. Floral accents

Go for fresh flower arrangements such as tulips, daffodils or hyacinths to fill your holiday home with colourful vibrancy. Enhance the look of your windowsills with flower pots. Plants not only look great, they also provide oxygen.

Frühlingshaftes Wohnzimmer

2. Fresh colours and textiles

Replace heavy curtains with light, airy fabrics in pastel spring colours for a refreshing atmosphere. Choose cushion covers and table runners with cheerful, floral patterns. It's okay to be a little more colourful in spring! Nevertheless, make sure that you don't overload your holiday home with decorations.

Einladende Terrasse im Frühling

3. Balcony and garden ideas

When the temperatures on the thermometer start to climb, it's worth sprucing up the outdoor area of your holiday home. Decorate your balcony, terrace or garden with cosy seating, colourful cushions and perhaps even a small herb corner. Flowering plants in hanging baskets or on the balcony table create a relaxed, spring-like atmosphere.

Summer dreams and sunshine - making your holiday home a paradise in summer

With its long, sunny days and balmy nights, summer offers the perfect opportunity to transform your holiday home into an idyllic paradise. These three tips will help you do just that:

1.Beach and sea decoration

Even if your holiday home is not by the sea: Incorporate maritime elements such as shells, starfish and driftwood into your decorations, which are guaranteed to put your guests in a summery mood. A special eye-catcher is a bowl or glass bottle filled with sand and starfish.

Maritime Dekoration

2. Summer colour palette

When decorating, use a vibrant colour palette with colours such as turquoise, yellow and coral to create a cheerful atmosphere that works both indoors and outdoors. These colours can be used both indoors and outdoors in cushion, seat covers and tablecloths.

3. Great ambience in the outdoor area

Set up comfortable garden furniture, deckchairs or hammocks and provide protection from the sun with parasols. With a barbecue area, you can provide numerous guests with their favourite summer activity. Choose atmospheric lighting such as fairy lights, solar lanterns or torches. These create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxed summer evenings outdoors. Decorative accents such as wind chimes, birdhouses or garden figures can also add a personal touch to the outdoor area.

Lauer Sommerabend im Garten
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Autumn magic - cosiness and a play of colours in your holiday home

When the leaves start to fall and the days get shorter, it's time to spruce up your holiday home with autumnal touches to make your guests feel right at home, even in bad weather. It's that simple:

Herbstliche Dekoration

1. autumnal elements

Bring an autumnal mood to your holiday home by decorating it with pumpkins, apples and leaves. These natural elements will give your rooms a warm and inviting atmosphere that will appeal to your guests, especially in autumn. Go for rustic accents and warm colours to enhance the feeling of cosiness.

Gemütliches Kaminfeuer und Kerzenschein

2. Open fire and candlelight

In autumn and winter, a burning fireplace with discreet decorations looks very cosy. If an open fire is not an option for you, put up scented candles. These warm and inviting elements create a cosy atmosphere that your guests will enjoy to the full.

3. Warm textiles

Swap light summer blankets for warm, cosy blankets and cushions to offer your guests a cosy stay and pamper them. This way, annoying rainy weather can easily be kept out!

Winter magic in your holiday home - how to turn it into a cosy oasis of well-being

As the coldest days approach, it's time to transform your holiday home into a cosy winter wonderland. With our tips, you're sure to succeed.

Weihnachtliches Wohnzimmer

1. Christmas decoration

Give your holiday home a festive atmosphere during the Christmas season with fairy lights, fir branches and other Christmas decorations. An Advent wreath or even a small Christmas tree are also great eye-catchers. Your guests will certainly feel at home in the midst of this atmospheric decor.

2. Winter drinks and snacks

Spoil your guests by providing them with mulled wine and small chocolate Santas or delicious biscuits. Such surprises don't cost much, but will ensure that your holiday home will be particularly memorable for your guests. You can find out how you can make a great first impression by giving your guests these gifts as soon as they arrive in our article How to give your guests a positive holiday experience on arrival.


3. Wellness area

If possible, transform part of your holiday home into a relaxing wellness area, be it with massage chairs or a foot bath station, to offer your guests a relaxing break. Here they can really unwind after an eventful day spent doing winter sports, for example. Alternatively, a selection of bath and care products will put a smile on the faces of many guests.

Bring the holiday spirit into your holiday home

In addition to Christmas, there are of course numerous other holidays that you can use as a guide when decorating your holiday home. Decorate it to match the holiday in question with decorative elements such as hearts for Valentine's Day, bunnies and eggs for Easter or pumpkins for Halloween. This will give your holiday home a festive touch and create an inviting atmosphere for any occasion.

You can also indulge your creative side with small DIY projects for every season and holiday. Design individual wall decorations such as flower wreaths, transform recycled jars into charming tea light holders for cosy evenings or create table decorations by using seasonal elements such as leaves, flowers or pumpkins.

Seasonal furnishings and decorations for your holiday home: a worthwhile step?

Definitely! Seasonal furnishings and decorations not only have a positive effect on the attractiveness of your holiday home, but also offer numerous advantages for you as the owner. By creating a suitable atmosphere, you can significantly improve the guest experience and thus increase your booking rate. Remember to update the decor regularly and try out new ideas to keep impressing guests. You can also find inspiring decoration ideas and current trends for every season on our Pinterest account.

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