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Post from 16/04/2009

Pulsating beach life on the Adriatic Coast

Italian Adriatic stretching from Grado in the north to Cattolica in the south attracts many with its endless long sandy beaches. Families with children will be able to find everything that they need for a pleasurable beach vacation: flat slop beaches for the little ones and sun loungers for the adults. Children are able to enjoy and splash around in the water without fear and build castles whilst the parents can take a small time out and relax under the sun. The children though will not only be enthused by the beaches but there are several theme and aqua parks on the Adriatic coast that provide other welcome alternatives. It will be very difficult to find any form of solitude in this holiday region and contact with the locals is virtually guaranteed.

Should you seek more tranquillity then you may consider coming in the spring or autumn. The night life plays a major role as every resort along the Adriatic will have an amusement area with discos, bars, pubs, trattorias and restaurants.

Even though Rimini and Cesenatico are famous resorts actually Bibione, Caorle, Lignano, Rosolina Mare and Lido di Jesolo are poplar with atraveo customers. We have scoured through hundreds of customer feedbacks on various resorts and briefly present the Top 5.


Bibione by far heads the ranking compared to the other resorts. Over 38 % of all Adriatic holiday makers chose this place in 2008 particularly because of the great choice of affordable holiday houses and apartments. Another big advantage of Bibione is its 15 kilometre long sandy beach and its close proximity to Venice (around 75 kilometres). This is very much reflected by the customer feedback: “The place is great! The sea and beach were fantastic! You could get everything you needed! At the beach there was abundance of deck chairs and sand.”


atraveo presents over 25 top rated accommodations here as for example the holiday apartment in the complex. Caorle has been able to retain much of its original charm. So it is possible to stroll through this fishing village and buy some freshly caught fish for a sociable evening in your holiday home. Worth seeing is also the lagoon of Caorle. Even Hemmingway was fascinated by this lagoon and wrote about it in one of his books.



Situated on a sandy headland Lignano is without doubt a destination favoured by nature. Water sports, trips to the largest fish market of the region in Marano Lagunare, Aqua splash water parks for kids as well as a lunar park provide everything for an enjoyable vacation by the sea. In addition to this Lignano possesses one of the largest playing fields for beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach rugby to be found along the Adriatic coast. As a review of one ecstatic customer shows guests with dogs will find this place to their liking: “The place is really nice and we like it so much that we will be coming back next year. I can very much recommend it to dog owners. Recuperation for both the owner and the dog!”

Rosolina Mare:

“The place is a typical tourist resort what we were not aware of when booking. On arrival we had expected something else, something more like a small fishing village. Despite this we soon established that Rosolina Mare has its positives especially if you are coming with kids. There is huge amount of entertainment for the young ones such as bouncy castles, funfairs etc. Everything there. In addition to this most people are very welcoming and child friendly. This really delighted us.” Rosolina Mare is situated on the north tip of the river Po and provides in the surrounding areas stunning landscapes that one can explore on bike or boat tours.

Lido di Jesolo:

Here you are able to find the ideal vacation environment – it is a typical resort. Over 8 kilometre of boardwalk stretch along the costal towns and numerous boutiques, souvenir shops and bistros complement the colourful on goings. A customer recommends: “Ideal for families with children up to 10 years. If you have no children Grado or Caorle are a better choice.”

atraveo offers all travellers regardless whether a group of friends, families with children or couples who are seeking a feeling a home away from home more than 5,000 different types of accommodation along the Italian Adriatic coastline.

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