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Post from 12/03/2014

Best holiday resort in Spain: Moraira

After introducing you to three of our winners of the atraveo prize for the best holiday resort 2014, the first Spanish recipient of this year’s award shall now make its debut. For the first time, we have not only awarded a prize to the best resorts in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, but have expanded the winners’ circle to include places in Croatia and Spain.

Thus, Moraira is our very first winner in Spain. This surprised us a bit because we would have actually tipped a place on Majorca. Instead, however, this small holiday resort on the Costa Blanca seems to be a real find for all those holiday home vacationers who want to relax and catch a few of the Spanish sun’s rays. Moraira has come out on top in Spain with an average of 4.61 points.

The coastal town is actually part of Teulada, which lies further inland. Long ago, when its inhabitants began to trade, they founded Moraira as a port and fishing village. Nowadays, the place accomplishes the feat of preserving a lot of originality in spite of mass tourism on the Spanish coast. Just behind the palm tree-lined beach promenade is the edge of the old town centre with the former fishermen's houses and the old fort, which is now one of the landmarks of Moraira. There is a large number of fishermen who head off every day to catch and sell fresh fish straight from the boat. It is also worthwhile taking a trip to the main town of Teulada, which will tempt you with its pristine and very quaint historic quarter.e

A beach holiday is, of course, at the forefront of a stay in Moraira for many holidaymakers. You will find many small bays and natural beaches directly at Moraira, where you can search out a quiet spot for yourself. In addition, the large marina of Moraira offers all sorts of possibilities for lively leisure activities on the water.

Holidaymakers spend the most beautiful time of the year, above all, in one of the holiday complexes that have located around the area. Here you will be spoiled for choice - whether you prefer to be near the beach or wish to stay further up in the mountains with perfect views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our customers’ comments on Moraira

“The area is very beautiful and offers many excursion opportunities as well as shopping possibilities in Moraira.”

“A holiday resort that really is very beautiful with all the shopping possibilities and restaurants. The promenade and the streets invite you to stroll along them.”

“Cafés and restaurants in Moraira invite you to linger in a Mediterranean atmosphere. The Anglo-European pub culture can be enjoyed and nature lovers will get their money’s worth.”

“Be it the excitement of snorkelling in the small reef structures or bathing in the warm Mediterranean bays. Hiking enthusiasts will also be delighted by the excursion possibilities into the nearby surrounding area of Moraira.”

You can find these comments and more under: www.atraveo.com/moraira


The introduction to Split shall follow on Friday as the last of this year's award winners.


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