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Posts on holiday destination Germany

Post from 30/03/2017

Top travel destinations 2017

Warnemünde, Bibione-Pineda, Rovinj, Egmond aan Zee, Mayrhofen and Roses have obtained the best customer reviews on average, and are our top travel destinations for a…

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Post from 29/07/2016

Off on a skiing holiday!

The green light has been given for the winter season 2016/2017, and the rush for the best accommodation in the Alps and other European mountain ranges has begun.

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Post from 09/03/2016

The best holiday resorts 2016 – these are the winners

All the votes have been counted and this year’s winners have been determined. Wernigerode, Rome, Mayrhofen, Pollença, Dubrovnik and Enkhuizen have obtained the atraveo…

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Post from 23/12/2015

Plus a great competition – The Best of our Holiday Homes

We have recently reached the milestone of half-a-million customer reviews. To mark this occasion, we are presenting “The Best of our Holiday Homes” - the holiday homes…

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Post from 24/07/2015

Secure the right ski lodge in time

Winter is coming! Don’t you believe it? Then take a look at the calendar: Christmas is already less than five months away and therefore so is the peak tourist season for…

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Post from 03/03/2015

Your winners: These are the best holiday resorts 2015

All the votes have been counted right in time for the start of the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin (ITB). You, dear holidaymakers, have made a decision and selected…

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Post from 05/03/2014

The best holiday resorts 2014 - and this time, five of them!

It's that time again! We have selected the best holiday resorts of the year. And not just in three countries like in previous years, but for the first time in five! This…

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Post from 10/01/2014

We present our bestsellers and a great contest

Win five holiday vouchers worth 500 euros each! We present you with atraveo’s bestsellers - the 100 most booked holiday homes by holiday destination.

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Post from 15/11/2013

Summer 2014: Island in sight!

Let us take you on a small island tour. Krk, Bornholm and Elba are the focus of this blog post, with which we open the booking season for the coming summer.

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Post from 09/09/2013

"With a view to the mountains all around. Simply divine."

After the announcement in July, the time had finally arrived: Berchtesgaden received the 2013 atraveo prize for the best holiday resort in Germany.

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Post from 02/08/2013

Experience the return from the Alpine pastures

Late summer is traditionally the time in the Alps where the colourful decorated dairy cattle are brought back from the Alpine pastures to the valley. This is locally known as…

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Post from 10/07/2013

atraveo award 2013

With Berchtesgaden, Bellagio and Egmond aan Zee three newcomers were able to win the trophy this year and now hold the title “Best Holiday Resort 2013”.

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Post from 16/11/2012

The hottest vacation times

Summer 2013 | The starting shot has been fired and our product partners have released for the coming summer their holiday homes for booking. Based on our experience some…

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Post from 12/11/2012

Top 10 Germany

Germany is a very popular tourist destination: Tourism organisations across the country are reporting record visitor numbers. The reasons are as diverse as the country but…

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Post from 13/04/2012

Sausage guide

In Germany the sausage is a big thing which plays a significant role in regions. On closer examination there are parallels between the hearty butcher specialities and our…

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Post from 20/12/2011

Guests with pets

Animal lovers will not want to leave their pets behind when going on vacation! For this reason atraveo provides more than 100,000 holiday accommodations where pets are…

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Post from 15/12/2011

Why not something more sociable?

Melissa lives with her husband and children in London, grandma Mary and grandpa James are in Manchester, Jason and his girlfriend call Brighton their home – they like…

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Post from 27/01/2011

The atraveo award 2011 goes to Zingst, Riva and Volendam

Holidaymakers have decided and atraveo counted: The winners of the atraveo award 2011 for “Best Holiday Resort” are Baltic Sea Health Spa Zingst, Riva del Garda…

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Post from 06/01/2011

Active vacation in the land of cuckoo clocks and felt hats

Those seeking an active vacation will very much enjoy the Black Forest as it is true paradise. The clear air and diverse landscape entice to have a proper workout. Whether…

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Post from 14/08/2009

Spend a vacation in a castle like a king

Once upon a time there was an old castle that was located between volcanic beaches, green headlands and endless forests on a small hill. Inside one could smell the wet logs…

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