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Posts on holiday destination Spain

Post from 30/03/2017

Top travel destinations 2017

Warnemünde, Bibione-Pineda, Rovinj, Egmond aan Zee, Mayrhofen and Roses have obtained the best customer reviews on average, and are our top travel destinations for a…

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Post from 13/01/2017

The most beautiful fincas on Majorca

Start the day with a magnificent view over the mountains and the splendid natural surroundings in the interior of Majorca.

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Post from 09/06/2016

A holiday home at the last minute

The summer holidays are just around the corner! It’s therefore definitely time for a holiday! Those who have not yet booked accommodation for the most beautiful time of the…

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Post from 09/03/2016

The best holiday resorts 2016 – these are the winners

All the votes have been counted and this year’s winners have been determined. Wernigerode, Rome, Mayrhofen, Pollença, Dubrovnik and Enkhuizen have obtained the atraveo…

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Post from 23/12/2015

Plus a great competition – The Best of our Holiday Homes

We have recently reached the milestone of half-a-million customer reviews. To mark this occasion, we are presenting “The Best of our Holiday Homes” - the holiday homes…

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Post from 03/03/2015

Your winners: These are the best holiday resorts 2015

All the votes have been counted right in time for the start of the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin (ITB). You, dear holidaymakers, have made a decision and selected…

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Post from 12/03/2014

Best holiday resort in Spain: Moraira

After introducing you to three of our winners of the atraveo prize for the best holiday resort 2014, the first Spanish recipient of this year’s award shall now make its…

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Post from 10/01/2014

We present our bestsellers and a great contest

Win five holiday vouchers worth 500 euros each! We present you with atraveo’s bestsellers - the 100 most booked holiday homes by holiday destination.

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Post from 16/08/2013

The whole year spring

When you spend a vacation on the Canary Islands you are actually on holiday in Spain – from a geographical point you are actually more in Africa.

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Post from 16/03/2012

Under the Spanish sun

Every year thousands of vacationers return back from Spain tanned, relaxed and invigorated by the Spanish temperament. The Iberian Peninsula is one of Europe’s most…

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Post from 15/12/2011

Why not something more sociable?

Melissa lives with her husband and children in London, grandma Mary and grandpa James are in Manchester, Jason and his girlfriend call Brighton their home – they like…

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Post from 08/11/2011

Place of passion and dance

With more than 300 sunny days each year life in Andalusia tends to be quite pleasant and warm. Therefore it is not surprising that visitors to Andalusia have one…

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Post from 08/06/2010

Costa Verde

Nowhere else on the Spanish mainland does one find such a diverse and lush vegetation. Particularly the coastal strip surprises with its unexpected plant diversity and…

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Post from 07/10/2009

Vamos a la playa

The coast lines of Costa Brava and Costa Blanca very much entice with their great diversity and numerous beaches. A holiday house at the sea in Spain or a holiday apartment…

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Post from 03/03/2009

City apartment instead of hotel

Discover the major European cities from a new angle by selecting a holiday apartment as your accommodation. Compared to a typical three day city tour with a three star hotel…

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Post from 15/01/2009

Paradise Islands

Vulcano scenery, turquoise blue sea, heavenly sandy beaches, mountain ranges in the sea, biosphere reserves, diving paradises loads of sun! All of this is to be found on…

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