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Holiday home vacation in the Kingdom of Denmark
Post from 02/10/2012

Country of holiday homes

Who invented it? Considering the massive selection of holiday apartments and houses one could assume that the concept of a holiday home originates from Denmark. Here the “Feriehus” is a common feature of their cultural understanding. Consequently it is no surprise that the Nordic Kingdom has an incredibly high density of holiday properties. As a vacationer you have a free choice: Along a 7,400 kilometre long coast everybody will find their beach or dune guaranteeing a lovely vacation. The main thing it is cosy – hyggelig – as the Danes would say!

Why Denmark?

The wonderful wide sandy beaches along the Danish coast are one of the main reasons for a holiday home vacation in the most southern part of Scandinavia. During the summer season from May to September they lure a number of holiday home vacationers to Denmark. Sun bathing, cycle tours, hikes – the Kingdom has a lot to offer. Particularly worth a visit is the capital Copenhagen with its royal palaces and famous shopping mile Strøget. Between Christmas and New Year again a number of holidaymakers come to Denmark for walks along the stormy and wintery beach followed by a sauna session in the own holiday home.

Popular regions – Mainland or island is the question
Denmark comprises of the lush green peninsula Jutland as well as countless larger and smaller islands that are connected by bridges. Especially popular are next to Bornholm in the Baltic Sea also Funen, Seeland, Rømø, Lolland, Falster and Langeland just to name some of the 400 islands from which only a quarter are inhabited.

25,000 holiday homes and numerous reviews
The selection is just incredible making it quite difficult to choose the right holiday home. The countless customer reviews provide you with a range of important details on the location, features and facilities as well as general impression of the holiday accommodation. As for example the quote from atraveo customer Heinz-Dieter from Bürstadt to holiday home 191417. The great choice is probably one of the reasons why the Baedeker Allianz Travel Guide mentions atraveo as a holiday home provider for Denmark. By the way atraveo is the official partner of VisitDenmark the Danish National Tourism Office.

This is how island hopping works in Denmark
Numerous bridges connect the Danish islands with one another so that ferries are not needed to be considered. You can get across the Large Belt by using the Storebælt Bridge which connects western and eastern Denmark. So without getting your feet wet you get from Germany via Jutland and Funen to Copenhagen on Seeland. More smaller islands such as Møn, Lolland, Langeland and even the North Frisian island of Rømø can be reached by car without any problem. Merely when going to Bornholm you will need to catch a ferry. From Seeland, Rügen, South Sweden and Poland different ferries service the town of Rønne on the western side of Bornholm. By the way: Many holiday homes on Bornholm are just a few hundreds of metres away from the beach – is there anything nicer than being woken by the waves of the sea!

Typical Danish holiday home vacation

The typical Danish timber holiday home and are just “hyggelig”. But also countless thatched roof properties in the midst of nature are no rarity. Particularly nice and extremely popular are holiday accommodations with sea view – atraveo has more than 3,500 on offer in Denmark.

Group houses – 15 and more people

Also a very common feature in Denmark is the large houses for groups which offer place for 15 or more people. A vacation for the entire family including grandchildren and grandparents or a number of friends can be arranged quite easily. How about this former farm on Langeland which was renovated in 2009 and offers room for 16 people?

Wellness houses – Sauna and whirlpool no rarityMore than 6,300 holiday accommodations that atraveo has on offer provide a whirlpool and sauna. This ensures there will be no boredom on days with less favourable weather. Houses inside holiday parks will often have a swimming pool for communal use which also offers something more for the kids.

Dog friendly houses – four-legged friends are welcome
Not only the beaches in Denmark are ideal for dogs but countless holiday accommodations welcome four-legged friends. It is also quite practical that you are able to drive with the car onto many beaches. Open the boot, let the dog out, open up the beach shelter and relax. No need to carry all the stuff from the car park to the beach.

DKK instead of EUR as currency
Denmark is one of the countries in Europe that still has its own national currency the Danish Kroner. 10 Danish Kroner amount to about 1.30 Euros. Food is not that cheap in Denmark and in 2010 Denmark was the most expensive country within the EU for such commodities. A cappuccino in Copenhagen can cost around 40 Danish Kroner what translates into a whopping 5.38 €. In order to keep costs down it is advised to bring groceries with you. If you have a holiday home with sauna and whirlpool you should inform yourself about additional charges – particularly electricity – in order to ensure you don’t end up with a nasty surprise at the end of your holiday. The description of every house will contain details on additional charges with some charging based on actual use. Generally electricity usage is calculated in Danish Kroner per kilowatt hour. Of course you can also contact our customer service and they can provide you with some general guidelines.

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