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Post from 13/04/2012

Sausage guide

In Germany the sausage is a big thing which plays a significant role in regions. On closer examination there are parallels between the hearty butcher specialities and our favourite subject holiday homes.
Sausage fans are able to choose from more than 1,500 types. This incredible variety has been developed since the Middle Ages. One is able to notice a distinctive regional character that is a common feature of these hearty delights and holiday homes. In this part of series on popular travel destinations we are introducing well known German sausages with their originating region.

Curried Sausage
The curried sausage gained prominence across the country particularly because of the tomato sauce with curry powder. The recipe was first created in 1949 by Herta Heuwer in Berlin. The Ruhr area has also laid a claim to its discovery. Next to this historical highlight for sausage enthusiasts the lively capital has a number of other things to offer including sights such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate or rests of the Berlin Wall that are important symbols in German history. After a day of exciting impressions a Berlin old apartment is the ideal place to unwind.

Veal Sausage
Compared to other varieties the veal sausage (Weißwurst) is traditionally served in the morning. Together with sweet mustard and pretzels you can enjoy this typical Bavarian delight with a refreshing wheat beer (Weißbier) in one of the countless beer gardens. Bavaria is though not only known for this and is Germany’s most popular travel destination. The stunning beauty of many nature reserves provides for those seeking recuperation and action equally relaxation as well as lots to do. Brightly decorated farm houses facing an impressive panoramic view of the Alps create a cosy feeling.

The original Frankfurter gets their typical square shape through storage in wooden boxes. Still they are often confused with Wieners as in some countries they are given the name “Frankfurter”. They are mainly served with mustard and a hearty potato salad. This is perfectly complemented with a glass of the famous apple wine once Johann Wolfgang von Goethe enjoyed here. From the most luxurious shopping street of the city that is named after him you can reach the Alte Oper (old opera house) which lures music fans with lovely concerts. In addition to this the “Zeil” and “Fressgass” offer something matching various tastes. Holiday apartments around Frankfurt or in the close Taunus promise a good night sleep.

Pinkel is a specialty from the northern part of Germany which is a smoked black pudding and particularly popular in colder times served with a good portion of green cabbage. This nourishing dish can be the perfect end to an eventful day after a hike in the dunes of the National Park Wadden Sea. Here you can watch the interplay between ebb and flow, the skilful flying manoeuvres of large bird formations and sometimes even observe a seal on one of the sand banks. The thatched houses are ideal to combat the stormy winds and are the perfect accommodation offering protection as well as safety. The DuMont Travel Guide ÔÇô East Frisian Islands and North Sea recommends atraveo for holiday apartments and houses.


Thuringia Sausage
Spices such as marjoram, caraway and garlic give the Thuringia Sausage its unrivalled taste. The long traditions of its production goes back to the first documented recipe from 1613 that held in the state archive of Weimar. In 1999 as the European capital of culture Weimar showcased its rich cultural offer that was not solely focused on the domains of Schiller and Goethe. It is an hour drive to Wartburg close to Eisenach where Martin Luther compiled the first translation of the Bible. The Harz Mountains with its mountain peaks including the 1,141 metre high Brocken and the countless hiking routes attract many visitors. Especially the traditional timbered houses catch the eye with the comfortable accommodations being the ideal place to relax those legs after a long hike.

Black pudding
Next to this regional variation of black pudding it is the powerful aromatic Schwarzwälder Schinken (Black Forest Ham) which has been smoked over fresh fir and spruce wood that is particularly well known. In conjunction with the cuckoo clock, felt hat (Bollenhut) and Black Forest gateau underline this traditional region. The Black Forest is the highest of the German low mountain ranges and the Feldberg with a height of 1,493 metres is engulfed by forest landscapes. Winter sport enthusiasts very much appreciate this and water sport cracks will love the Schluchsee and Titisee. Also families can experience an unforgettable nature experience in a typical Black Forest house. More information you can find in our Black Forest blog.

Liver sausage
This well known sausage specialty throughout Germany is used in the Rhineland to prepare the regional dish “Himmel un Ääd” (Heaven and earth) which is first seared and then served with mashed potatoes and apple puree. Here the potatoes were once referred to as Earth Apples and the apples on trees as heaven. The Rhine as the name give to this region is very popular with cyclists which enjoy the good infrastructure. Beyond this hobby historians can in Cologne and Bonn follow in the footsteps of the Romans.

Or prefer a fish roll?
Those who we have not been able to entice may like to consider enjoying a fish roll with a breeze of fresh sea air: In most cases you will get matie or salmon with tartar sauce and onions in a roll. The fish is particularly fresh in the coastal towns such as Warnem├╝nde or Travem├╝nde. The maritime atmosphere is completed after you have taken a bite of the fish roll and your feet are on the white sand of the Baltic Sea beach. If one prefers more sunny islands then you can visit the St├Ârtebeker-Festspiele on R├╝gen or explore Poland on a trip from Usedom. The radiant white filigree house facades of the seaside architecture convey the right holiday feeling of sun, beach and sea.

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