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Blossoming Asturias
Post from 08/06/2010

Costa Verde

Nowhere else on the Spanish mainland does one find such a diverse and lush vegetation. Particularly the coastal strip surprises with its unexpected plant diversity and flowerage even in the dry summer months which Spain regularly experiences. Historical towns are embedded in a green hilly landscape. The backdrop is dominated by majestic mountains where one can find a number of hidden villages. atraveo offers around 70 holiday apartments and houses that are spread out across Asturias from the coast all the way up to the mountains.

Let us start with our discovery tour at the old university town of Oviedo with its picturesque old town centre which entices for a stroll. The starting point will be the late gothic cathedral San Salvador from where one can go on various tours around the old town centre.

In the old town centre of Oviedo
In the old town centre of Oviedo

Next to the imposing statues and palaces you should not miss out on visiting the historical university building. For small breaks a number of cider houses (Siderías) offer delicious Sidra (cider) and tapas. Watch the waiter hold the Sidra bottle high above his head when pouring into the glass held below in his other hand. This gives the cider that extra bit of oxygen and enables the bouquet to unfold its unique taste.

A very good starting point for discovering the Cantabrian Mountains is the small town of Cangas de Onis which radiates cosiness with its just 7,000 inhabitants. Before you go towards the mountains it is worth planning in a detour to the romantic stone bridge in the town centre which one has been able to maintain in original historical condition. Also worth a trip is the place of pilgrimage Covadonga that is just a couple of minutes away by car. Should you visit the basilica and grotto of Our Lady of Covadonga on a Sunday or public holiday you will see firsthand how religious the Spanish are.

Holidaymakers can select from around eight holiday apartments and houses in Cangas de Onis which vary in furnishing and size. This cosy holiday apartment for a couple is a reasonably priced accommodation which can be booked from 280 Euros per week. Should you prefer to spend a vacation in a authentic furnished Asturias house then you may find this house to your liking.

Picos de Europa
Picos de Europa

From Cangas de Onis one directly is able to reach the mountain range. The national park Picos de Europa provides a breaktaking landscape with untouched nature and enchanted villages. If you are lucky you will see some vultures that circle around the summits or discover bear of wolf tracks. Hikers will find a range of tours that vary in difficulty and length. Even experienced mountaineers will find the Picos de Europa a real challenge.

Anybody who wants to discover an authentic mountain village without much effort or is travelling with children is recommended to visit Bulnes a small village with just around 50 inhabitants. For a long time one could only access the place via a narrow path after a hike of several hours but for the last decade it has become much easier. The cable car „Funicular de Bulnes“ in Poncebos overcomes a height difference of about 300 metres. The drive is only a couple of minutes but one should note forget to take a coat as it is quite cold in the tunnel. When you arrive in Bulnes you will feel like you have entered a world which has been long forgotten. It is tradition to keep goats and from their milk cheese is produced. Should you want to venture further into the mountains then from Bulnes there are a number of lovely hiking routes.

Picturesque coastal village
coastal village Cudillero

Asturias is situated on the northern coast of Spain along the Atlantic. For Spain the vegetation is very lush and the area has been given the name Costa Verde which means green coast. You will be able to find a comprehensive offer of holiday properties around the coastal resort Llanes from which you can undertake interesting tours.

On atraveo you can choose from 30 private accommodations in Llanes. In Casa Rural Angel eight people will fit into this accommodation with ease. Due to its excellent locality this house is ideal to combine a bathing vacation with mountain hikes. Around 30 kilometres west of Llanes there is the town of Ribadesella that is particularly known for the cave Tito Bustillo with prehistoric drawings. Should you travel in the summer months then it is advised to turn up early at the museum as the daily number of visitors is limited. West from Ribadesella the coastal resort of Lastres is situated. Whilst for children the dinosaur museum will be quite exciting with the original exhibits you will not want to miss out on climbing up cliff with its lighthouse. You will be rewarded for your effort with a breathtaking view over the ocean with ships passing by and village.


The north of Spain offers an array of culinary pleasures with the cuisine of Asturias providing several delightful specialties. Cabrales (mould cheese) is renowned around the globe with its extreme aroma being something more for real cheese enthusiasts. Next to this there are further cheese varieties that have a much milder taste. A very popular main course is the hearty stew with white kidney beans (Fabada) which tastes very good with a chilled Sidra. In some Siderias one can experience a few lively relicts of Celtic history in this region: Dance to "Música Celta" with Gaita (bagpipe) and drums.