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Delightful view towards Lake Garda
Post from 24/02/2011

The many sides of Lake Garda

Whilst the temperatures north of the Alps remain cool it is possible at Lake Garda to stroll along the promenade in the warm sun and enjoy a cone with ice cream. Alternatively have an espresso in a street cafe that tastes best in Italy. Whether north, south, west or east – every shoreline has it special charms. The greatest contrast must be between the hilly and rugged mountains in the north and olive groves and grapevines on the south bank. Something all shorelines have in common is the mild and Mediterranean climate as well as numerous picturesque old town centres that wait to be discovered! On atraveo you can find more than 2,300 holiday apartments and houses around the sea.

Round trip around Lago di Garda

Hop on and take part in our Lake Garda round trip. Afterward stake an informed decision which part of the sea will be suitable for realizing your dream vacation. The 158 kilometre long tour starts at the northern shoreline and goes through many small and larger towns scattered along the eastern shoreline between the hills and sea. The round trip continues towards the hilly landscape of the south and back to the smoother western coastline up to the north. Let’s go!

Lago di Garda
View to Lago di Garda

Adventure playground northern bank– Steep mountain slopes and valleys

If you are seeking a sporting challenge then the northern side will probably match your requirements. Whether you want to kayak, mountain bike or canoe – the steep mountain slopes and wild streams of Trentino make sport enthusiasts hearts beat faster. The special natural surroundings help ensure a constant wind at the sea which offer ideal conditions for surfers, sailors and water sport fans. This area is a particular favourite with older guests as this region compared to the south side does not get that hot in the summer months. Towards the back of the eastern part of the northern bank one can see Monte Baldo which reaches a height nearly of 2,200 metres and due to its very unique Alp flora is referred to as the Garden of Europe. The towns of Limone, Malcesine, Torbole and Riva del Garda in this region can be recommended as ideal holiday home locations. It will be quite difficult to find holiday houses on the north side as holiday apartments are common here.

Limone sul Garda is regarded as a major tourist attraction and is situated on the western side of the northern bank at the foot of the mountain. In the summer countless tourists squeeze through this small town. Despite the hustle and bustle it is possible to find some peaceful and romantic atmosphere in one of the side alleyways or in the higher citrus gardens and olive groves. Directly on the other side of Monte Baldo there is the old village of Malcesine. This village is characterized by the mighty Castle Scaliger that perches over the historical centre and provides a delightful view towards the sea. At the narrow northern tip of the sea Riva del Garda provides the longest beach of Lake Garda. Here it must be mentioned that Riva has been voted as the best holiday destination. Torbole is known to be the chosen place for young sports enthusiasts as an entire strip of beach is reserved for surfers.

Olive groves along the eastern bank
Olive groves along the eastern bank

Olive groves, grape vines and family beaches along the eastern bank

In the direction of the southern bank via the eastern promenade road Gardasena Orientale one will mainly see olive grove plantations from which the excellent olive oil is produced that this region is renowned for as well as vineyards. The eastern coastline that stretches from Torri del Benaco in the north to Garda and all the way to Lazise in the south is called the Olive Riviera. The flat beaches that are typical for this region as well as the number of recreational parks such as Gardaland attract many families. If you are on the lookout for a holiday property then consider the sea village of Lazise as here the choice is quite large. The narrow dock with lively promenade and number of restaurants and cafes is a quite inviting surrounding to enjoy an espresso. More dolce vita you can find in Garda that awaits with Venetian palaces as well as along promenade where you can watch the sunset. Would you prefer a holiday apartment in the midst of the tranquil setting of Torri del Benaco? This town is not that overcrowded and even in the summer months one can saunter through the alleys and around the harbour where you can see loads of colourful fishing boats.

Smooth hilly landscape, Roman ruins and party time around the south bank

Coming from the south the mountains pass over into hills and the landscape becomes more green and turquoise all the way down to the Po Delta region. Countless vineyards and Roman ruins characterize the southern region. A particular highlight is Sirmione that is situated on a peninsula that stretches far into the sea. Also worth visiting are the 'Grottos of Catull' which are ruins of a Roman villa that are located on the tip of a peninsula. Here it is possible to find nice bathing spots. A holiday accommodation with sea view would be ideal – take a look whether you can find something suitable around your desired travel period. Further well known towns in the south are Peschiera and Desenzano. Desenzano has a long pedestrian area which entices to wander along and browse. After an exhausting shopping tour you can take a seat somewhere in Piazza Matteotti enjoy a delicious cappuccino and soak up the sun.

Original Italian Cappuccino
Original Italian Cappuccino

Indulge in an excellent feast along the western bank – perfect location for gourmets and those seeking a tranquil setting

Along the western promenade road Gardasena Occidentale one passes through Salò, Gardone and Gargnano by citrus and orange groves that stretch along the slopes. The western part is ideal for those holidaymakers who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, want to enjoy the pleasures of Lake Garda in a relaxing setting and appreciate top class cuisine. Salò is located in a narrow bay along the south western shorelines which has been able to retain its unique Italian flair as the number of tourists is not that great. Splendid palaces and parks with magnolias and cypresses adorn Gardone Riviera which is regarded as one of the more exclusive towns in this area. Gargnano is also a dreamy town that has so far not been reached by mass tourism. In addition to this Gargnano is a great starting point for trips towards the mountains of the national park 'Alto Garda Bresciano'.

This brings our round trip of Lake Garda to an end. We are curious which side you will choose as your preferred location.