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Post from 20/09/2012

Wild beauty at the tip of the continent

People of all colours, eleven official languages and various denominations have created a multicultural society at the southern tip of the African continent. When it turns autumn and winter here over there summer slowly starts. Due to its diversity South Africa is also referred to as the "Rainbow Nation" and is situated both at the Indian and Atlantic Ocean woth not only the national parks with countless wild animals making the country absolutely worth seeing.

Western Cape - Unique landscape at the coast

Undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations on a South Africa vacation is Western Cape with Cape Town being at its heart. Whilst visiting this metropolis one should plan to also see Table Mountain which is the landmark of the city. At the southern tip of the Cape peninsula you will find the well known “Cape of Good Hope” that is a rocky reef often surrounded by fog.

The popular Garden Route winds along from Swellendam to Humansdorp just before Port Elizabeth and is a particularly spectacular coastal strip. The centre piece of this route is the Tsitsikamma National Park between Mossel Bay and Storms River. Here vacationers will be able to enjoy breathtaking steep cliffs and picturesque bays with never ending sandy beaches.

Stellenbosch -  South African wine

From Cape Town many are drawn to the region around Stellenbosch. Here slightly away from the coast one can immerge into the splendid landscape of the vineyards and indulge with some of the best wines and an array of culinary delights. Wine growing has a long tradition which you can learn of whilst on a guided tour through the vineyards and subsequent wine tasting session. As the second oldest settlement after Cape Town one should not miss out on visiting Stellenbosch. The European influence is very much apparent and many houses of the first Dutch settlers can still be found here today.

South African wildlife - Kruger National Park

The town of Phalaborwa is situated in the north along the border to Mozambique. This is the ideal starting point to explore and visit the famous Kruger National Park. In 1898 with the approval of the former president of the Republic Transval Paul Kruger the wildlife preserve was put under nature conservation. The park extends over an area of more than 20,000 km². Next to a diverse flora especially the wildlife will provide vacationers with memorable and lasting impressions: Lions, elephants, antelopes, giraffes and hundreds of other species cross your path in this unique place.

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