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Post from 01/10/2012

Island vacation in paradise

Mauritius, Seychelles and Koh Samui | Gorgeous beaches, turquoise sea as far as one can see and tropical temperatures give vacationers spending a holiday on these islands in the Indian Ocean a feeling they are in paradise. Mauritius is an island state and the Seychelles is an island state comprising of 115 islands. They are regarded as some of the most beautiful places on earth and when the weather in Germany is cool and rainy it is particularly nice on the islands. On the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao located in the Gulf of Thailand you have the feeling being in Garden of Eden. Beyond this the islands offer an array of cultural highlights. Did you know you can also spend a holiday home vacation here?

Mauritius – Jewel east of Madagascar

In 1598 the Dutch were the first who tried to settle on the island Mauritius and failed. It was not until 1735 when the French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais finally commenced with building streets, bridges and hospitals. Today the Republic Mauritius offers vacationers next to well maintained golf complexes and wellness oasis also a range of cultural attractions and beautiful landscape. In the crystal clear lagoons you feel like you are in paradise. Port Louis is the capital of the island and with a population of 170,000 is the largest town. Culturally Mauritius has been strongly influenced by the English and French colonial period but one can also find Indian, Creole and Chinese influences too. There are an array of activities and excursions: A trip to the Kalaisson Temple in order to explore the Hindu gods or a visit to the Blue Penny Museum in order to learn more about the island’s history and culture.

Many travellers know Mauritius as a hotel destination. If you want to remain flexible and prefer private accommodations to hotels then you can choose from some individual holiday homes. In the coastal resort Flic en Flac for example there are several holiday apartments in a colonial style villa. The location of the apartment house is ideal as the beach is just a brief walk away. An atraveo customer wrote: “The holiday apartment was situated in a quiet residential area and still very close to the beach. So perfect. It offered everything one would need for a vacation. Can be recommended without reservation”.

Seychelles – Island group in the Indian Ocean
The Seychelles comprises of altogether 115 island with both English and French the official languages. Particularly the choice of beaches is phenomenal with many in beautifully secluded locations which are lined with palm trees. Mahé is with a length of 28 kilometres and a width of eight kilometres the largest island of the Seychelles with the Beau Vallon Beach being one of the most popular beaches on the north western part of the island. The capital Victoria is not far away and is the cultural and economic centre of the island group. The name gives an indication that the town was created as the headquarters for the British colonial government. Here it is definitely worth visiting the Sir Selwyn Clarke Markets where the colourful market bustle starts early in the morning. The island Mahé is especially suitable for hiking enthusiasts as there are a number of excellent hiking routes through great nature as well as offering breathtaking views.
The Seychelles are very popular with divers and snorkelers. The diversity of exotic marine creatures is very great here. In the period between August and December holidaymakers can see whale sharks here which are also referred to as gentle giants of the seas. But one can also find other rare residents of the underwater world here.

Thai islands – Splendid beaches

On Koh Samui vacationers will also feel they are in paradise. The third largest Thai island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand and is revered for its tropical temperatures as well countless coconut palms which make this heavenly panorama perfect. On Koh Samui you will come across several religions though the Buddhist influence is the greatest. On the occasion of festivals and religious celebrations the island inhabitants meet at the twelve metre high Buddha statue on the northern part of the island. On Koh Samui the statue is regarded as a landmark. Next to tourism the export of coconuts is a vital source of income for the island residents. The fruit is not only sold for consumption but the fibres of the nuts are used to produce mats and the leaves of the coconut palms frequently serve the purpose of covering up the houses.

The island Koh Tao, which translates into turtle island and is linked to the previous large population of sea turtles, is part of the same island group as Koh Samui but much smaller. Despite the relative size of the island with a length of seven kilometres and width of three kilometres there are 14 beaches waiting to be enjoyed. Koh Tao is regarded as an insider tip for holidaymakers and until now has escaped mass tourism.

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