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Splendid winter
Post from 12/12/2007

Winter wonderland

Why not try and experience a winter holiday in the Czech Republic. The ski regions of Jizera Mountains (Isergebirge), Beskidengebirge and Kartonosze Mountains (Riesengebirge) fulfil all the requirements to have a splendid winter day. Especially families with small children will find these ski regions particularly ideal as the slopes are not overcrowded. Therefore the children will be able to easily find a secure place to ski and coast.

Who though is searching for a more challenging course should go to Harrachov with its demanding slopes. Those who may be a bit more apprehensive can enjoy a lovely walk in the magical countryside. In the higher altitudes you will find perfect conditions with bright sunshine and chilly temperatures.

Enchanted hut in the snow

A conspicuous feature of holidays in the Czech Republic is that they are compared to other areas cheaper for things such as ski lessons and equipment as well as partying. This also applies to the rental prices for the holiday homes and apartments that have an excellent price performance ratio.

The holiday huts are all equipped with the basic and necessary facilities. In most cases they will have a fireplace or a wood burner. These are the best conditions for enjoying a pleasant evening after an eventful day.