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In the Provence
Post from 17/03/2008

Fragrance of lavender and antique treasures

Why not go on your next summer holiday to the Provence in the southeast of France. Cézanne and van Gogh were enthralled by the colourful countryside, the never-ending fields of lavender and the vineyards. Enthusiasts of the antique period will find the Provence like an open air museum that takes them through the Roman era. Numerous attractions are UNESCO heritage sites and they invite you on a journey in the past.

On the traces of the past:

The town of Arles is well renowned for its historical treasures. One of the tourist attractions is the amphitheatre which is occasionally used for bull fights. Around 25,000 people can find a seat in this big and well kept arena. Another place worth a visit is the antique baths in Arles. These Roman thermal springs of Constantine invite you to experience something new. Even back in those days one was aware how to combine hygiene and wellness with hot baths, massages as well as sport activities.


In Avignon you can look forward to a charming old town with impressive buildings that are engulfed by long city walls. The artistic and cultural town has become famous around the globe through the song “Sur le pont d’Avignon”. The mentioned bridge “Pont St. Bénézet” in the song from the year 1187 was one of the longest bridges in the Middle Age.


In the town of Orange you will encounter a variety of unique attractions from the past. You will be able to admire the triumphal arch of Orange which is one of the biggest and best obtained of its kind. A further attraction is the amphitheatre regarded as being one of the oldest in the world and it is still in very good condition. Especially in the summer months you can be witness to choir performances that are due to the breathtaking acoustics a pleasurable experience. Why don’t you take a listen and be enchanted by the sound… 




Have you had enough of the Antique? Then why do you not undertake an adventurous trip to the Canyon of Verdon which is one of the biggest in Europe. The turquoise and blue Verdon River is embedded into the 700m high lime cliffs and is a quite beautiful spectacle. In the summer months Verdon also offers hikers lovely walks in the water. Should you prefer not to get your feet wet then you may want to explore the countryside around the Verdon Canyon with the bike.

In order to reach those remote villages in the Provence you will need to be willing to hike but it will be worthwhile as you will see the variety of the countryside such as lakes and steep rock formations. Once you have reached the villages you will be able to take in the cultural characteristics of the Provence and savour the tranquillity of the countryside.

Next you may want to take a train on the nostalgic pine train route (Train des Pignes) up towards the Alpine villages. The train route has got its name due to the speed the train travels at. Allegedly travellers were able to pick pine cones whilst travelling on the train.

Have you got a scent of lavender in your nose? Then you are probably in the middle of one of numerous fields of lavender for which this region is famous for. Enjoy this incomparable smell whilst you take a stroll. Alternatively you may want to buy yourself a small bag of lavender and take a bit of the Provence back home with you.

As you can see there is a lot you can do and discover. Therefore a holiday home is particularly a good option when staying in the Provence. This enables you not to be bound by the constraints that a hotel causes such as given meal times. You are free to plan your trips and tours throughout the Provence. Book a traditional stone cottage typical for the Provence or alternatively an apartment in one of the towns. You will surely be able to find your dream accommodation from around 4,000 selected properties.