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Veli Rat Lighthouse on the island of Dugi Otok
Post from 01/04/2014

Holiday in a lighthouse

Yes, you can really live in here! One of our highlights of the current season is the 13 lighthouses in Croatia, which we have recently added to the program.

The towers have been restored and adapted for a holiday. Almost all of them date from the 19th Century and can be found along the entire Adriatic coastline of Croatia. You will stay in the former lighthouse keeper apartments and have the choice of whether you would rather be a lighthouse keeper or Robinson Crusoe on holiday - because the towers are not only on the mainland or the larger Croatian islands. Some of the them are also located in the middle of the sea on small, lone rocky islands which are only accessible by boat and thus provide an extra dose of adventure. But do not worry – both the transfer to the islands as well as the supply of drinking water via a cistern and electricity from solar cells and generators are provided for all the lighthouses.

We want to introduce you to some of these great new "holiday homes" in more detail, as follows:

Porer Lighthouse

About three kilometers from the mainland off the coast of Istria is the Porer Lighthouse. It is located on a small, almost circular island of just 80 metres in diameter. You will be picked up from the mainland by the lighthouse keeper who is still on duty and brought by boat to your holiday destination. At 33 metres in height, you will then have the ideal observation point for sweeping views across the sea and the picturesque coast.

Veli Rat Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Veli Rat on the northwestern cape of the island of Dugi Otok is already 165 years old and surrounded by secluded pine forests. Over 10,000 eggs are supposed to have been used during the construction of the tower, so that the building material could obtain the required consistency. We think that the main thing is that it holds up! A beautiful spiral staircase leads up to the 45-metre high spire. From there you have a view of both the open sea and the entire island, and on top of that, can wave at the passing ships.

Vela Palagruža Lighthouse

A rock in the Adriatic and on top of it, the beautiful old Vela Palagruža Lighthouse. Here you will experience quiet holidays – guaranteed! The small island of Palagruža is located all alone in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, halfway between Croatia and Italy. The lighthouse is enthroned as a lone building structure between colourful bushes and rocky cliffs at the highest point of the island. The multi-storey building with its many windows offers phenomenal views in every direction over the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Explore the island via the small paths, which lead to secluded private beaches, among other things.

Ližnjan Lighthouse

At first glance, you may think this is a nondescript, white-plastered house on the southern tip of Istria. But far from it, as this is also a lighthouse – the Ližnjan Lighthouse comes across as simple on the outside and just beautiful within. The creaky wooden floor, the fireplace in the middle of the living room and bright modern furnishings will allow you to experience a holiday home vacation here on the Croatian Adriatic coast that you will not forget any time soon.

The other lighthouses in the Adriatic that we have for you in the program can be found among our holiday ideas.