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Tested by holiday home vacationers
Post from 16/05/2013

Everything in a flux: Liquid Search and IBE5

With the major relaunch we are not only introducing a new design but also a new booking and search function. The aim: To make the search for a holiday home simpler and more transparent.

ÔÇťNothing less than developing the best holiday home website on the internetÔÇŁ, this is how atraveo CEO Dirk Froelje sums up the aim that has been the key consideration during the last months of developing the new website. The result is not only a new design but also IBE5 which is a newly developed booking machine with pioneering functionalities. All steps of holiday home booking are connected with each other in a new front-end which help make the booking process simpler and more transparent. Let us briefly explain what has changed for you when searching for an accommodation on the atraveo website. Your dream holiday home and subsequently next vacation is now just always a couple of clicks away.

Liquid Search: The new search function for your holiday home

With Liquid Search, our new search technology, you will swiftly and easily find the suitable offer for you. The times are gone when one lost the overview during the individual steps for a travel destination. With us now the entire search process is on one page and all relevant service information is summarised: If someone for example is searching for offers in Brittany then one will find out on the new Google map where the interesting regions and holiday destinations are situated in Brittany and what they are called. The integrated calendar enables you to simply determine the demand that one can expected in your holiday region: For every week of the season we make a forecast on potential demand and furthermore also show how many offered accommodations are still presently vacant. If one is flexible in respect to the travel date and can opt for a period with lower demand then substantial savings are possible. Finally we recommend popular search characteristics for every region. So for example one finds out it may be worthwhile when looking in Denmark to search for houses with sauna and inside pool.

Clear view of costs: No more endless price charts

Those who find their ideal holiday home via the personalised search result will now also want to know how much the rental price is. With many providers this can be quite difficult: The countless surcharges and discounts, extra costs and special price formulas make it difficult to keep an overview. Therefore with the introduction of the new booking machine we are also getting rid of price charts. As far as possible for the respective period and selected number of people the price is calculated online and displayed. Complete cost transparency is also applied for services that can be booked on request ÔÇô for example final cleaning or bed linen. Due to the variation of individual characteristics such as travel period or bookable service you can instantly see how each change impacts the travel price. Furthermore on the booking page atraveo calculates which share of the rental price has to be paid in advance and which on arrival.

More features: More transparency and comfort

Together with IBE5 and Liquid Search you can expect a number of other helpful features. For example with every accommodation it is stated when it was last booked, since when it was first offered and which provider atraveo is cooperating with respectively. If it is a travel operator you will also find out how and where the customer payments are secured. Of course in this context the customer reviews assume a prominent position: Reviews of the accommodation help you with the selection of your holiday home whilst ratings of the area can be equally helpful. As a further assistance when searching with just a mere click you can simply memorise individual objects. These are shown in the red terminal on the left side and can be called up at any time. Here you can also see the last search request and last viewed objects. This helps you retain an overview when comparing individual offers.

Tested by holiday home vacationers

With all innovations one of course must not lose sight of the necessity for user friendliness. During the development period it was a prime consideration to do without everything unnecessary and only integrate such features that represent a practical use (this notion is also expressed in our new design concept). Considerable time has gone into thoroughly testing and optimising all functionalities of the new website.

From now on also test the new atraveo website, discover new features and get inspiration for your next vacation!