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Holiday homes in Venice in a satellite image
Post from 08/05/2015

The world of holiday homes as viewed from above

The world offers some amazing perspectives when seen from above. Well-known sights are shown from a new angle and suddenly look strange. Other things, in contrast, seem more familiar. Maybe because we already know them from a city map or a road atlas.

Would you have known, for example, what the title picture of this blog post shows? Venice can be seen there, located in the middle of a lagoon on the Italian Adriatic coast. It’s nice to see the Grand Canal, which meanders through the city in an S-shape formation.

However, maps and aerial photographs also possess a very significant advantage in addition to the special aesthetic that offers the observer a bird’s eye view. You get a spatial overview of a region - or in concrete terms: of a travel destination. We want to pass on this advantage to you. atraveo knows the exact location of most of the properties on offer and with the interactive map, you can directly search for them in the satellite image.

How does a map search work?

Very simply and intuitively. First select the criteria that are relevant for you in the search template, as usual. Which region should you go to? Perhaps to Tuscany or the French Atlantic coast? When do you want to travel and how long do you want to stay? How many holidaymakers are accompanying you? Is a pool important? Or the proximity to the coast? Or both? Do you need a child’s bed? One click on "Display offers" will take you directly to the results list of all corresponding properties.

Along with the results list, you will see the "map" tab. One click on this will open up the map view and the properties in the results list will be displayed on the map. By clicking on one of the blue-marked house symbols, you can access the description of the respective property.

Of course, you can also shift the map section, and zoom in and out of it. Take a virtual “journey” through a region via the map, e.g., straight through Brittany or along the coastline of the Italian Riviera. New properties can be reloaded at any time in the now altered view.

Important: For the purposes of clarity, if a large number of holiday homes match your search criteria, not all of the properties will initially be displayed to you on the map. The offers that you see will be the same ones that can also be found in the upper ranking of the results list. However, other properties can be reloaded at any time. Or you can refine the map section so that only a maximum of 50 offers will be placed under consideration.

Pick an area of ​​your choice and just try it out for yourself! Or come with us first on a short round trip in the next paragraph.


Snapshots of the world of holiday homes from above

Some interesting things have come to our attention since we introduced our new interactive map search. Come on a little journey with us, where we take a look at the world and the holiday homes, which are on it, from above.

  • Please note: In the following section, we will only show you snapshots from our interactive map. If you want to take a look for yourself at what is shown, and do some further exploring via the map, simply follow one of the links in the text below the images.