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Vacation in a holiday home in the Netherlands
Post from 05/04/2012

Water, beaches, dikes and canals

The sea, the lakes and rivers, canals and ditches: The Netherlands is a paradise for people who love being close to water. A holiday house close to water would be the ideal place to enjoy the maritime feeling properly! From a bathing holiday at the coast, a relaxing weekend along the canals of Amsterdam to an active fishing vacation near Lake Ijssel. All types of holidaymakers will find something matching their taste as there is an abundance of water in the Netherlands. Even the history of this country is strongly influenced by water with the dikes and dams playing an important role in keeping this land dry and safe. The Netherlands fight against and live with the water which has left its mark on this special landscape. Discover the nicest places with us and accompany us on our journey through the country of water, beaches, dikes and canals.

The Dutch coastal region: More than just a bathing vacation

A lot of vacationers visit the Dutch North Sea coast. The area starts in the province Zeeland going through South and North Holland and ending with the Wadden Islands. The area that was partly flooded in 1953 today lures with beautiful dikes and canals. Children make the place even more pretty with their sand castles. atraveo has a number of holiday apartments and houses here with some just a hundred metres away from the sea. Particularly the holiday houses with sea view are sought after. Popular holiday resorts are: In North Holland you are also able to find the seaside resort Julianadorp aan Zee that in February 2012 won the prize 'Best Holiday Resort in the Netherlands'.
A vacation along the Dutch coast has much more to offer than just a bathing vacation. One option could be day trips to cities such as Vlissingen, Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam. Or visit Neeltje Jans in Zeeland or the various Delta Works along the coast which will give you an insight into the technology this nation has been using for centuries to fight against the water. Do you prefer a more active vacation? This country is known for its water sport offer that includes sailing, kite surfing and canoeing.

Wadden Sea: Walk over water
Have you ever wished to walk over the sea? This is possible in the north of the Netherlands! Explore the Wadden islands Terschelling, Vlieland, Texel, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog by foot and be enthralled by the splendid nature of this region. Thanks to the tide you can walk across the Wadden Sea and reach the island. Tip: It is recommended to wear warm clothes as it can get quite chilly in the tideland. When reaching the other side you can relax in one of the many offered holiday homes on the Wadden Islands. This holiday house on the island of Texel for example is in the midst of dunes and provides a view towards the sea.

Lake Ijssel: Ideal for a fishing vacation
Lake Ijssel is a true paradise for anglers. The large open body of water is a great place for a one or several day fishing trip. Next to an array of fish species it is a special experience to fish in Lake Ijssel. The lake is very extensive and nature is equally breathtaking. Regardless whether you decide to throw out your fishing rod from a boat or the shore fishing around Lake Ijssel is a pleasure! There are several holiday apartments and houses around the lake like this holiday house in Enkhuizen. The house is directly at the sea offering a view towards the yachts and historical ships. One atraveo customer who spent a holiday here stated in his review, ''Great location at the harbour''.

The village Volendam directly at Lake Ijssel is also an ideal travel destination for those seeking recuperation. The village was the winner of the atraveo prize 'Best Holiday Resort in the Netherlands' in 2011. With its characteristic wooden houses, canals and ideal location at Lake Ijssel the holiday resort convinces visitors with its cosiness and maritime flair.

Amsterdam: Vacation on the water
The countless canals (in Dutch referred to as “Gracht”), gondolas, bridges and great city life; Amsterdam offers this and is not surprisingly referred to as the ''Venice of the North''. As in Venice you are able to ride on a gondola passing through the canals or maybe you would like to rent one. The canals and the beautiful manor houses with lovely facades give the city its unique character. You don’t only have the option of selecting holiday homes in the centre of Amsterdam for rent but you could also opt spending your vacation on an original house boat. What do you think for example about this house boat for 4 people?

The Rhine region: From Arnhem to Rotterdam and Hook of Holland

The Rhine which flows from the west of Germany enters the Netherlands at Spijk and flows from there through the country over Arnhem in direction of Rotterdam and then at the end it flows into the North Sea. The river basin of these two towns is not only a very important trading route but equally also a tourist attraction. Here you can find the world famous ‘Windmills of Kinderdijk’. Many think that these windmills are used for production purposes but in actual fact there sole function is to drain the land in order to ensure one does not get wet feet.
You can not only visit them but there is also the option of spending your holiday in a real windmill. What do you think for example of this windmill with a view across the surrounding landscape? Rotterdam is surely worth a visit as it is home to the largest port in the world and also has a nice city centre.

The Meuse: Southern flair on the border with Belgium and Germany
In contrast to the coastal region or the mainly flat landscape Limburg offers a totally different picture. Only in the most southern part of this province where the Meuse enters the Netherlands can you find hills that are around 300 metres high. The Meuse river region has a varied cultural offering. Maastricht in the most southern part of the Netherlands is the country’s eldest town and is situated along the Meuse. You can go on a stroll and discover the historical sights or have a lavish lunch on one of the many terraces. The location in Meuse Valley between the hills of South Limburg as well as close proximity to Belgium and Germany make this town an ideal destination for a lovely holiday. This modern furnished holiday house for 4 people is situated directly at the Meuse and has an own landing stage!

There are also subtropical swimming pools in the Netherlands

Can’t your children get enough of the splendid water and are proper water rats? In many Dutch holiday parks you are able to swim throughout the year and most have a subtropical swimming pools like this one in Westerhoven that is close to Eindhoven.