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Planar design and holiday ideas
Post from 17/05/2013

atraveo is new: Planar design and holiday ideas

Right in time for spring we have created a completely new atraveo website! Our last major redesign was undertaken more than five years ago. ItÔÇÖs high time to scrutinise the design of the website and develop new plans. What has remained is only our bright red colour and distinctive atraveo logo.

The most eye-catching innovation is the planar design. All elements of the old website were closely analysed by a team of technical and marketing experts as well as tourist specialists and in a development period of more than ten months a fundamental new design was created. Our aim was to realise a user friendly platform that is focused on the essential functionalities as well as at the same time giving exactly that prominence which itÔÇÖs all about: Holiday homes. The result is a completely new internet presence that does without the typical website folklore such as shadows, glossy look or exuberant animations and has an emphasis on offering a clear layout. This is very much in line with a planar design. Space has been created for large-size photos and lots of movement: Discover for yourself how the spaces open up and pull together again with always keeping a focus on the essential issue: Holiday apartments and houses for your next vacation.

Hundreds of holiday ideas

Vacation on a vineyard in Tuscany, a finca on Majorca or an idyllic located dune house in Denmark? No problem: One of the most important editorial expansions of the new website is the extensively staged holiday ideas that are given prominence through the new design. Our team has combined individual countries and regions with tailored ideas for your holiday home vacation. Discover for example what type of vacation is popular in a country or be inspired by the large-size photos. Altogether we have compiled more than a hundred of these holiday ideas and have fully integrated them into the search. If for example you are interested in booking a holiday home in the Netherlands then we will directly provide suitable holiday ideas that lead to the respective offers: Beach house at the North Sea, house boats on Lake Ijssel or a classic holiday home in a holiday park. Why donÔÇÖt you take a look at our new holiday ideas! Browse through our offers and you will soon realise that your dream holiday home for your dream vacation is really just a click away.

Really everything new?

No, of course the red will remain! We could not banish the colour of emotion as well as our longstanding logo from the new page. We love holiday homes and no other colour can convey this than our bright atraveo red. Even though a number of things are going to change we have not reconsidered our core competence as being the best point of contact for your holiday home vacation. In this context we are also continuing on with our holiday home blog. Closely aligned with the holiday ideas we will carry on presenting you with high quality content and be offering even more stories, trends and news relating to holiday homes and holiday destinations. We recommend you regularly check and discover what new things are happening in the world of holiday homes.



By the way: Should you not only like our new website but also the shown house above then of course you can book it with us. It is right at the cliffs of the Algarve offering room for ten people and as a highlight provides a fantastic view across the sea.