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Post from 16/03/2012

Under the Spanish sun

Every year thousands of vacationers return back from Spain tanned, relaxed and invigorated by the Spanish temperament. The Iberian Peninsula is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and by no means an insider tip. Once you have been gripped by España fever then it is difficult to shake it off. Spain is that diverse and large it cannot be explored with just one holiday. The varied landscape is reflected in the wide offer of holiday domiciles. Around 14,000 holiday houses, fincas, pool villas and apartments can be booked on atraveo.

Best travel period for Spain: The entire year
Every season has its particular charms. Visit Majorca for the almond blossom in the spring or enjoy the first warm sunrays on a sightseeing tour in Barcelona. During the Easter week in many places there are festive processions and you can witness countless folk festivals. For this it is best to travel to the region of Murcia in the southeast. The Canary Islands entice with great bathing conditions and affordable prices especially in the early summertime. The same applies for the autumn with the good climate being suitable for sport activities. Quite a considerable number of holidaymakers head to Spain during the last months of the year and stay there the entire winter in the south of the country like somewhere along the Costa de Sol. What only few know is that you can go skiing in Spain. Both the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada offer winter sport enthusiasts well laid out ski regions and slopes for all levels of difficulty.

The classic option: Finca on Majorca
Despite this the summer remains the most popular travel period. Typical fincas and pool villas are some of the bestsellers on atraveo. They guarantee summer vacationers privacy and uninterrupted sunbathing. Relaxation and recuperation are high up on the agenda here. Spend a vacation away from the strains of everyday life and very much in line with the Spanish way of life “Mañana, mañana” without stress. A generous finca and extensive property are particularly suitable for a vacation with the entire family or with friends.

A holiday house at the beach
Also popular are holiday accommodations that are directly located at the beach – with more than 8,000 coastal kilometres the selection is especially large. Choose between the Atlantic or Mediterranean, mainland or islands. You should also take note of the recreational activities whether they meet your wishes: Divers will find the best bays along the Mediterranean coast, Costa Blanca offers ideal conditions for kite surfing and the holiday complexes tend to offer a range of activities. atraveo has been able to increase the product range this season and there are for example more than 2,000 new holiday homes on offer around the Costa Brava.

A hacienda in the heartland
The heartland is a total contrast to the hustle and bustle of the coastal regions. Explore the mountains and valleys of the Pyrenees in the north or gaze in wonder at the mountain panorama whilst on a bike tour. Amateur sportsmen and women will very much appreciate Galicia. A dense network of hiking routes, wild romantic nature and picturesque villages await you.

The most well known route is surely the Way of St. James. Next to spartan pilgrimage sites and simple accommodations there are also a number elegant country and holiday houses. The travel guide DuMont has recommended atraveo for this.

An apartment for city tours
Those interested in art and culture must not miss out on the Spanish cities. The century old history of this country is not only documented in the many museums the country has but impressive cathedrals and architectural masterpieces are further evidence of the art historical heritage. The world metropolis Barcelona and capital Madrid are of course the most popular city travel destinations. In the south you should visit Marbella, Granada and Seville and along the eastern coast Alicante and Calpe are tourism magnets.

After visiting a museum or going on a long shopping tour the bars and restaurants are particularly ideal to take a well earned break and enjoy local specialties such as tapas and paella. If you would like to prepare these Spanish delights then the kitchen of your holiday home will provide everything you need. Seldom will you find a detached house in the cities but the offer for city and holiday apartments is quite extensive. For this the travel guide DuMont direct recommends atraveo.

Regardless which area in Spain you choose for your next vacation embrace the Spanish attitude towards life!

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