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Moose visit in the holiday home
Post from 30/03/2012

Moose visit

You are enjoying a pleasant breakfast on the terrace of your red Swedish house whilst taking in the quiet sea and thinking of what the coming day will offer for adventures – suddenly as a moose appears from the forest to pay you a morning visit. This you can only get in Sweden! The atraveo customers Christina and Wolfgang must have experienced something similar who were visited twice by moose whilst on vacation (see below).

Many vacationers have known of this fifth largest country in Europe since their childhood – Emil in Loenneberga, Nils Holgersson and Pippi Longstocking embody until this day the likeable and hospitable manner of this holiday nation. The mountains and forests in the harsh north, the meadows and seas in the south as well as the midnight sun that turns night into day equally lure families, mountain hikers, fishers and nature enthusiasts. Discover Sweden up close and the best way of doing this is with a holiday home. Where else will you be so close to nature!

More than just one country
The 21 provinces of the country exhibit diverse landscapes and respectively attract different visitors. The southern part of Sweden is characterised by forests, seas and rivers with the climate being milder. Småland is probably the best known region of South Sweden which especially draws families as in the town of Vimmerby you can find Astrid Lindgren’s Värld. In North Sweden mountain hikers will appreciate the untouched high mountains and forests. Further up north in Swedish-Lapland where the winters are long and cold you can join with the local Sami hunting moose and enjoy the endless vastness of the region. Anglers will get their money worth both in the north with the salmon rivers and south with the fish rich seas and coasts. Decide yourself which region meets your desires and requirements.

Midsummer – Celebration for summer solstice
The Swedish summer is quite short and starts in May at a slow pace before it explodes in June. Due to summer solstice the nights around the 21st of June are virtually not dark as the sun only sets for a brief period. Particularly in North Sweden above the polar circle the white nights are most intensive. The midsummer night which is the longest day with the shortest night is lavishly celebrated every year in Sweden. People flock out onto the streets and meet up for culinary delights with friends and relatives. The best season for a vacation in Sweden is therefore between the end of May and end of June though the winter also has its charms.

Sea or forest? Or both?
Directly at a sea with own landing stage or in the forest surrounded by untouched nature – this is how one imagines the Swedish dream of a holiday house. Around half of all atraveo holiday homes are not further than 500 metres away from the water and some even have an own boat.

For anglers this holiday home can be recommended that is in the midst of a forest at the sea Aborresjön which translates into Perch Sea. With a bit of luck you may also be able to observe a moose. If you are seeking seclusion and peace then this cosy typical red holiday house may to be your liking. The only neighbours that you may come across are deers, foxes or birds. This Swedish house is in midst of wilderness which also has a separate sauna house.

Nature experience Sweden
Nature experience Sweden

Red or yellow? Not all Swedish houses are red
Falu Rödfärg better known as Swedish red is the colour which countless houses have in Sweden. Previously the colour that was extracted from the copper mines in the region Falun had been originally reserved for more wealthy houses. Today they characterise the landscape of the entire country as many holiday homes have been refined in this way. Like this holiday house which can best be described with the words small but nice. Here 10 m² Swedish cosiness await you. In a review the customers Christina and Wolfgang wrote about this red wood house “Twice a moose visited us”. With a bit of luck your moose may visit you at your red Swedish house! Other selected red Swedish houses:
Holiday house for 4 people with sea view
Holiday house for 4 people with sauna
Holiday house for 7 people with open fireplace

If you prefer yellow then you should consider searching for a yellow holiday house. On atraveo you cannot specifically search for house colours but in the result list you are able to instantly see which colour the house has. We have picked out some nice yellow holiday houses for you:
Holiday house for 8 people with veranda
Holiday house for 6 people with sea view
Holiday house for 4 people at a forest

Those wanting to go to the sea need to head off to one of the islands or skerries
The largest and most well known islands are Gotland and Öland in South Sweden that are very popular with Swedish holidaymakers. Foreign guests are less aware of these two Baltic Sea islands but very much worth a visit. At the gates of Stockholm there is a long archipelago garden of thousands of islands, skerries and holms along the eastern coast of Central Sweden with partly sparse and partly lush vegetation.

Gotland – Fishing villages and sandy beaches
Small fishing villages, bizarre chalkstone pillars and white sandy beaches shape the landscape of the largest Swedish island Gotland where there is mild climate. Particularly the Medieval trading town of Visby that has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco is a highly recommended place to visit.

Öland – Wind mills and sun
Öland is a region in Sweden that lures with most hours of sunshine. The island with sloping sandy coast as well as countless preserved wind mills is a true insider tip and so far mass tourism has not arrived here. If you come to Öland you will find tranquillity and recuperation.

Archipelago – More than just islands
During the summer time the sea landscape of the Archipelago of Stockholm with its 24,000 small islands is a great place to swim, sail and sunbathe. Many of the islands are uninhabited but can be accessed by boat. On atraveo you are able to find more than 70 holiday apartments and houses that are along the archipelago of Stockholm. Some are merely 100 metres away from the water.

Off to Sweden but what is the best way?
Sweden can be reached on land route via the Öresund Bridge which connects the Danish capital Copenhagen with Malmö in region Schonen. You can also reach the Swedish Kingdom with the ferry. From Germany there are ferry connections from Sassnitz on Rügen, Rostock and Travemünde to Trelleborg in South Sweden. From Travemünde you can also reach Malmö and from Kiel there is a connection to Gothenburg situated along the Swedish western coast. In addition to this there are good ferry connections from Denmark and Poland to Sweden:

Grenå to Varberg
Fredrikshavn to Gothenburg

Swinemünde to Ystad
Gdynja to Karlskrona
Gdansk to Nynäshamn