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Post from 06/06/2019

Chianti: A holiday house on a vineyard

Chianti is situated in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Siena. Smooth curved hills, lush green forests, medieval towns and idyllic vineyards shape the region.

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Post from 24/07/2015

Secure the right ski lodge in time

Winter is coming! Don’t you believe it? Then take a look at the calendar: Christmas is already less than five months away and therefore so is the peak tourist season for…

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Post from 09/09/2013

"With a view to the mountains all around. Simply divine."

After the announcement in July, the time had finally arrived: Berchtesgaden received the 2013 atraveo prize for the best holiday resort in Germany.

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Post from 11/08/2012

Adventure Mount Etna

Situated on the north eastern coast of Sicily Mount Etna keeps on enticing tourists with the spectacle of eruptions – particularly at night time. The red shimmering…

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Post from 25/05/2012

The Mountain Calls

Many associate the famous Matterhorn with the travel destination Switzerland or just a vacation in the mountains. Be it in the summer hiking up the mountain pastures lined…

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Post from 05/04/2012

Water, beaches, dikes and canals

The sea, the lakes and rivers, canals and ditches: The Netherlands is a paradise for people who love being close to water. A holiday house close to water would be the ideal…

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Post from 30/03/2012

Moose visit

You are enjoying a pleasant breakfast on the terrace of your red Swedish house whilst taking in the quiet sea and thinking of what the coming day will offer for adventures…

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Post from 26/08/2011

Wine, walking and World Cultural Heritage

When talking of Burgundy most people think of excellent wines, regional products and culinary delights. Visits to restaurants, cookery courses with master chefs and…

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Post from 19/05/2011

A paradise not only for anglers

The archipelago of Lofoten with around 80 smaller and larger islands is particularly a popular holiday destination for anglers as this region has a thousand year tradition…

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Post from 21/04/2011

With hiking boots and bathing suit

In the western Mediterranean Sea surrounded by bright blue water rises a mountain range – the island Corsica. It impresses with a large variety of landscapes: long…

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Post from 24/02/2011

The many sides of Lake Garda

Whilst the temperatures north of the Alps remain cool it is possible at Lake Garda to stroll along the promenade in the warm sun and enjoy a cone with ice cream.…

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Post from 12/01/2011

Wanderlust to Italy

Once again one of most booked travel destinations on atraveo. The longing and yearning for Italy has one name – Tuscany! You can expect charming country estates…

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Post from 06/01/2011

Active vacation in the land of cuckoo clocks and felt hats

Those seeking an active vacation will very much enjoy the Black Forest as it is true paradise. The clear air and diverse landscape entice to have a proper workout. Whether…

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Post from 06/11/2010

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Jules Verne‘s world-famous novel “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” is about a fantastic expedition to the Icelandic volcano Snaefellsjökull. Three…

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Post from 22/10/2010

American way of holiday home

Get a taste of the American Way of Life and consider spending a holiday home vacation in the Sunshine State! atraveo has a selection of 174 holiday properties in Florida…

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Post from 15/10/2009

Slopes, party and powder snow

More than 1,700 kilometres of slope in more than 22 ski regions guarantee endless winter fun. Many winter sport regions present themselves in this way but the Salzburger Land…

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Post from 18/07/2008

The ideal place for a summer holiday in the mountains

Are you interested in enjoying a summer vacation in the mountains in front of a panoramic view of the snow covered peaks of the Alps? Then head off to Tyrol! Here one can…

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Post from 06/06/2008

Glamour of the Italian Riviera

In the northwest of Italy one can find Liguria which is quite a diverse region. It offers harmonious contrasts between the Mediterranean coast with its bathing towns and…

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Post from 17/03/2008

Panoramic views of the Alps meet the climate of the Mediterranean

The Lake Garda combines in a very unique way the breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps with the splendid Mediterranean climate. Take a stroll along the water fronts of…

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Post from 17/03/2008

Fragrance of lavender and antique treasures

Why not go on your next summer holiday to the Provence in the southeast of France. Cézanne and van Gogh were enthralled by the colourful countryside, the…

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