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Post from 14/08/2014

Bay of Kotor - a fjord in the Mediterranean

The rugged rock faces are reflected in the shimmering blue sea of the Adriatic, while winding coastal villages cling to the steep, towering mountain slopes. The…

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Post from 05/03/2014

The best holiday resorts 2014 - and this time, five of them!

It's that time again! We have selected the best holiday resorts of the year. And not just in three countries like in previous years, but for the first time in five! This…

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Post from 17/01/2014

Rømø – A beach as wide as the sea

In the third part of our island tour we are taking you with us to the Danish North Sea island Rømø. Imagine you are driving along the dead straight road through the…

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Post from 06/12/2013

Albarella – Private island in the Adriatic Sea

Here is part two of our island tour where we introduce you to travel destinations for the coming summer. Today this time with Isola d'Albarella we have a real guarantor for…

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Post from 15/11/2013

Summer 2014: Island in sight!

Let us take you on a small island tour. Krk, Bornholm and Elba are the focus of this blog post, with which we open the booking season for the coming summer.

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Post from 16/08/2013

The whole year spring

When you spend a vacation on the Canary Islands you are actually on holiday in Spain – from a geographical point you are actually more in Africa.

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Post from 30/11/2012

Top 10 Croatia

Croatia is gaining in popularity with holiday home vacationers. Here you will find ten holiday apartments and houses which last summer were booked early and based on our…

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Post from 23/11/2012

Top 10 France

Here we are introducing you the ten most booked holiday apartments and houses in France. From the last season we know that the following holiday accommodations will be soon…

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Post from 02/10/2012

Country of holiday homes

Denmark | Who invented it? Considering the massive selection of holiday apartments and houses one could assume that the concept of a holiday home originates from Denmark.…

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Post from 01/10/2012

Island vacation in paradise

Mauritius, Seychelles and Koh Samui | gorgeous beaches, turquoise sea as far as one can see and tropical temperatures give vacationers spending…

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Post from 20/09/2012

Wild beauty at the tip of the continent

People of all colours, eleven official languages and various denominations have created a multicultural society at the southern tip of the African continent. When it turns…

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Post from 11/08/2012

Adventure Mount Etna

Situated on the north eastern coast of Sicily Mount Etna keeps on enticing tourists with the spectacle of eruptions – particularly at night time. The red shimmering…

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Post from 05/04/2012

Water, beaches, dikes and canals

The sea, the lakes and rivers, canals and ditches: The Netherlands is a paradise for people who love being close to water. A holiday house close to water would be the ideal…

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Post from 16/03/2012

Under the Spanish sun

Every year thousands of vacationers return back from Spain tanned, relaxed and invigorated by the Spanish temperament. The Iberian Peninsula is one of Europe’s most…

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Post from 27/01/2012

Blue beauty at the Adriatic Coast

Discover Croatia with its countless islands and isles, untouched nature, lively bathing resorts and picturesque fishing villages. The beauty of the Adriatic Coast is…

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Post from 13/01/2012

Benvenuti in Italia!

For years now Italy has topped the popularity charts of holiday home tourists. In 2011 every fourth atraveo vacationer spent their holiday in Italy. Equally the first weeks…

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Post from 29/07/2011

The beautiful and enchanting Sardinia

White natural sandy beaches, rocky secluded bays, steep granite formations, old caves and lovely scented pine forests characterise the scenery of the more than 1,800…

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Post from 21/04/2011

With hiking boots and bathing suit

In the western Mediterranean Sea surrounded by bright blue water rises a mountain range – the island Corsica. It impresses with a large variety of landscapes: long…

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Post from 12/01/2011

Wanderlust to Italy

Once again one of most booked travel destinations on atraveo. The longing and yearning for Italy has one name – Tuscany! You can expect charming country estates…

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Post from 22/10/2010

American way of holiday home

Get a taste of the American Way of Life and consider spending a holiday home vacation in the Sunshine State! atraveo has a selection of 174 holiday properties in Florida…

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