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Post from 13/04/2012

Sausage guide

In Germany the sausage is a big thing which plays a significant role in regions. On closer examination there are parallels between the hearty butcher specialities and our…

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Post from 24/02/2012


France is known as the ultimate country for wine enthusiasts and gourmets. Next to selected grape varieties which grow in preferred locations and form the basis for these…

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Post from 08/11/2011

Place of passion and dance

With more than 300 sunny days each year life in Andalusia tends to be quite pleasant and warm. Therefore it is not surprising that visitors to Andalusia have one…

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Post from 26/08/2011

Wine, walking and World Cultural Heritage

When talking of Burgundy most people think of excellent wines, regional products and culinary delights. Visits to restaurants, cookery courses with master chefs and…

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Post from 12/01/2011

Wanderlust to Italy

Once again one of most booked travel destinations on atraveo. The longing and yearning for Italy has one name – Tuscany! You can expect charming country estates…

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Post from 08/06/2010

Costa Verde

Nowhere else on the Spanish mainland does one find such a diverse and lush vegetation. Particularly the coastal strip surprises with its unexpected plant diversity and…

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Post from 26/06/2009

Rendevous in Aquitaine

Meet the French and get a feel for the light hearted enjoyment of life - something you can find across France though probably there is no place as nice and diverse like…

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