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Post from 06/06/2019

Chianti: A holiday house on a vineyard

Chianti is situated in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Siena. Smooth curved hills, lush green forests, medieval towns and idyllic vineyards shape the region.

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Post from 24/04/2015

On the fishermen’s island

A romantic gem for your next holiday can be found in the middle of Lake Maggiore. Come with us to Isola dei Pescatori, the "fishermen’s island".

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Post from 09/09/2013

"With a view to the mountains all around. Simply divine."

After the announcement in July, the time had finally arrived: Berchtesgaden received the 2013 atraveo prize for the best holiday resort in Germany.

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Post from 02/08/2013

Experience the return from the Alpine pastures

Late summer is traditionally the time in the Alps where the colourful decorated dairy cattle are brought back from the Alpine pastures to the valley. This is locally known as…

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Post from 05/09/2012

This is how summer sounds

Austria | A brass band passes through the village road whilst the sun is shining brightly, the hunting horn and tuba echo, the way is lined with people wearing costumes and…

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Post from 13/04/2012

Sausage guide

In Germany the sausage is a big thing which plays a significant role in regions. On closer examination there are parallels between the hearty butcher specialities and our…

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Post from 13/01/2012

Benvenuti in Italia!

For years now Italy has topped the popularity charts of holiday home tourists. In 2011 every fourth atraveo vacationer spent their holiday in Italy. Equally the first weeks…

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Post from 08/11/2011

Place of passion and dance

With more than 300 sunny days each year life in Andalusia tends to be quite pleasant and warm. Therefore it is not surprising that visitors to Andalusia have one…

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Post from 26/08/2011

Wine, walking and World Cultural Heritage

When talking of Burgundy most people think of excellent wines, regional products and culinary delights. Visits to restaurants, cookery courses with master chefs and…

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Post from 29/07/2011

The beautiful and enchanting Sardinia

White natural sandy beaches, rocky secluded bays, steep granite formations, old caves and lovely scented pine forests characterise the scenery of the more than 1,800…

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Post from 12/01/2011

Wanderlust to Italy

Once again one of most booked travel destinations on atraveo. The longing and yearning for Italy has one name – Tuscany! You can expect charming country estates…

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Post from 06/01/2011

Active vacation in the land of cuckoo clocks and felt hats

Those seeking an active vacation will very much enjoy the Black Forest as it is true paradise. The clear air and diverse landscape entice to have a proper workout. Whether…

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Post from 08/06/2010

Costa Verde

Nowhere else on the Spanish mainland does one find such a diverse and lush vegetation. Particularly the coastal strip surprises with its unexpected plant diversity and…

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Post from 14/05/2010

This is where the sun smiles

Dalmatia which stretches from Starigrad-Paklenica down to the southern point of Croatia is one of the most varied regions along the Adriatic Sea. Some of the conspicuous…

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Post from 14/08/2009

Spend a vacation in a castle like a king

Once upon a time there was an old castle that was located between volcanic beaches, green headlands and endless forests on a small hill. Inside one could smell the wet logs…

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Post from 06/06/2008

Glamour of the Italian Riviera

In the northwest of Italy one can find Liguria which is quite a diverse region. It offers harmonious contrasts between the Mediterranean coast with its bathing towns and…

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Post from 23/05/2008

The sunny side

There are bright blue skies and the sun. The Côte d’Azur provides 300 sunny days in the year and one should enjoy this on one of the many lively beaches in…

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