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Post from 06/06/2019

Chianti: A holiday house on a vineyard

Chianti is situated in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Siena. Smooth curved hills, lush green forests, medieval towns and idyllic vineyards shape the region.

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Post from 13/01/2017

The most beautiful fincas on Majorca

Start the day with a magnificent view over the mountains and the splendid natural surroundings in the interior of Majorca.

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Post from 11/04/2014

Taking your dog to Denmark

Due to numerous enquiries, we know that there is great uncertainty among dog owners when it comes to planning a holiday in Denmark with their loyal four-footed friends. This…

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Post from 17/01/2014

Rømø – A beach as wide as the sea

In the third part of our island tour we are taking you with us to the Danish North Sea island Rømø. Imagine you are driving along the dead straight road through the…

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Post from 06/12/2013

Albarella – Private island in the Adriatic Sea

Here is part two of our island tour where we introduce you to travel destinations for the coming summer. Today this time with Isola d'Albarella we have a real guarantor for…

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Post from 02/08/2013

Experience the return from the Alpine pastures

Late summer is traditionally the time in the Alps where the colourful decorated dairy cattle are brought back from the Alpine pastures to the valley. This is locally known as…

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Post from 30/11/2012

Top 10 Croatia

Croatia is gaining in popularity with holiday home vacationers. Here you will find ten holiday apartments and houses which last summer were booked early and based on our…

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Post from 12/11/2012

Top 10 Germany

Germany is a very popular tourist destination: Tourism organisations across the country are reporting record visitor numbers. The reasons are as diverse as the country but…

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Post from 02/10/2012

Country of holiday homes

Denmark | Who invented it? Considering the massive selection of holiday apartments and houses one could assume that the concept of a holiday home originates from Denmark.…

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Post from 15/06/2012

Diverse Belgium

An extensive hiking tour through the Belgian Ardennes whilst catching a glimpse of a deer and recharging those batteries – this is what many vacationers associate with…

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Post from 13/04/2012

Sausage guide

In Germany the sausage is a big thing which plays a significant role in regions. On closer examination there are parallels between the hearty butcher specialities and our…

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Post from 27/01/2012

Blue beauty at the Adriatic Coast

Discover Croatia with its countless islands and isles, untouched nature, lively bathing resorts and picturesque fishing villages. The beauty of the Adriatic Coast is…

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Post from 15/12/2011

Why not something more sociable?

Melissa lives with her husband and children in London, grandma Mary and grandpa James are in Manchester, Jason and his girlfriend call Brighton their home – they like…

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Post from 24/02/2011

The many sides of Lake Garda

Whilst the temperatures north of the Alps remain cool it is possible at Lake Garda to stroll along the promenade in the warm sun and enjoy a cone with ice cream.…

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Post from 15/10/2009

Slopes, party and powder snow

More than 1,700 kilometres of slope in more than 22 ski regions guarantee endless winter fun. Many winter sport regions present themselves in this way but the Salzburger Land…

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Post from 14/10/2009

Fancy a bit more sea?

Holiday in Denmark usually has something to do with the sea. Most of the 26,000 holiday properties are not far away from the North and Baltic Sea and are particularly near…

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Post from 07/10/2009

Vamos a la playa

The coast lines of Costa Brava and Costa Blanca very much entice with their great diversity and numerous beaches. A holiday house at the sea in Spain or a holiday apartment…

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Post from 17/04/2009

Fun in the sun for a great price

Just throw your trunks, swim suite, sandals and beach towel into a suitcase and off you can go! There’s not really much else you need for your holiday in…

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Post from 16/04/2009

Pulsating beach life on the Adriatic Coast

The Italian Adriatic stretching from Grado in the north to Cattolica in the south attracts many with its endless long sandy beaches. Families with children will be able to…

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Post from 18/07/2008

The ideal place for a summer holiday in the mountains

Are you interested in enjoying a summer vacation in the mountains in front of a panoramic view of the snow covered peaks of the Alps? Then head off to Tyrol! Here one can…

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