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Post from 11/04/2014

Taking your dog to Denmark

Due to numerous enquiries, we know that there is great uncertainty among dog owners when it comes to planning a holiday in Denmark with their loyal four-footed friends. This…

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Post from 12/11/2012

Top 10 Germany

Germany is a very popular tourist destination: Tourism organisations across the country are reporting record visitor numbers. The reasons are as diverse as the country but…

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Post from 15/06/2012

Diverse Belgium

An extensive hiking tour through the Belgian Ardennes whilst catching a glimpse of a deer and recharging those batteries – this is what many vacationers associate with…

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Post from 20/12/2011

Guests with pets

Animal lovers will not want to leave their pets behind when going on vacation! For this reason atraveo provides more than 100,000 holiday accommodations where pets are…

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Post from 17/03/2008

Panoramic views of the Alps meet the climate of the Mediterranean

The Lake Garda combines in a very unique way the breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps with the splendid Mediterranean climate. Take a stroll along the water fronts of…

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