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Post from 12/11/2012

Top 10 Germany

Germany is a very popular tourist destination: Tourism organisations across the country are reporting record visitor numbers. The reasons are as diverse as the country but surely it is also linked to the incredible number of festivals, sport events, music festivals and other events that take place. Maybe it is because of the price level which can stand up to that of other European travel destinations. That applies to both the overnight stays as well as other costs such as the ice-cream cone, restaurant visit or entrance fees. In regards to holiday homes the early bird principle applies which is why we are introducing the ten fastest booked up holiday accommodations in Germany. Which ones these were we know from last year and we are sure they will again be snapped up quickly for the 2013 summer months. Our top 10 are on Rügen, in Eifel, on Usedom, at the Mecklenburg Lake District and other places. And if you decide to combine a festival, music or sporting event with your vacation then we give you some potentially interesting tips to consider.

1. East Frisia – Holiday apartment for 4 people from 609 EUR/week

"Why do East Frisians have no energy worries? Well they pop to the sea and pick up a kilo watt." So many jokes are made in respect to this region. You will though not need to pick up a kilo watt for this holiday apartment for four people as you just have to press the light switch to get the required electricity. We recommend as an event tip the musical summer in East Frisia that takes place between the 5th and 28th of July 2013.

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2. Rügen – Holiday house for 4 people from 569 EUR/week

Next year from the 27th to 28th of July you can visit the Binz Summer Festival on Rügen. On the 27th of July a firework display is done above the Binz Pier which is the highlight of the festival. If you enjoy an active vacation then combine a visit to the summer festival with a bike tour. This top 10 holiday home is located in Bergen a small town 17 kilometres away from Binz.

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3. Eifel - Holiday house for 5people from 469 EUR/week

This holiday house for five people is located in Lissendorf. You can discover lots in the Eifel National Park that stretches out across 110 km². The flora and fauna here will free you from the daily stresses of life and help recharge your batteries. For activity freaks we recommend visiting the Eifel-Rally-Festivals that takes place between the 25th and 27th July 2013.

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4. Brandenburg - Holiday house for 22 people from 2.255 EUR/week

This holiday house has received top reviews and is suitable for a larger group who want to spend their vacation together in a villa under monumental conservation. Sociable games in the evening, cooking together and spend some special moments with the family. Combine your stay here with a visit to neighbouring Poland.

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5. Harz - Wood house for 4 people from 455 EUR/week

"A very nice house that offers everything one might want for a pleasant stay ". This is a comment by an atraveo customer about the wood house in Blankenberg. Passionate rock fans can visit the Rockharz festival next summer taking place between the 11th and 13th of July.

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6. Usedom - Holiday apartment for 3 people from 476 EUR/week

Next year it is going to be a quite sporty period on the island in the Baltic Sea: Between the 2nd and 4th of August globally the largest beach volleyball tournament is going to be hosted here. A great fireworks display will round off the event. This holiday accommodation in Zempin has been described by an atraveo customer as "small, nice and very clean ".

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7. Mecklenburg Lake District - Holiday house for 8 people from 1.587 EUR/week

Situated in a quiet complex this holiday house offers the chance to fish close by and the beach at the Müritz is also only a few hundred metres away. We also recommend the "at.tension-Festival" taking place from the 5th to the 8th of September 2013 in Lärz. Here you will find a mixture of art, cinema and concerts.

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8. Rügen - Holiday apartment for 7 people from 780 EUR/week

For the first time the Ostseefestspiele are going to be hosted in July 2013 on Rügen with the other two venues being Greifswald and Stralsund. If you spend your summer vacation on the island then why not opt for this holiday apartment for seven people located in Altefähr which has made it on to the list of the top 10 most swiftly booked holiday accommodations.

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9. North Sea - Holiday house for 4 people from 799 EUR/week

This holiday house for four people is situated in Burhave at the North Sea with the Wadden Sea and beach less than 500 metres away.  From the holiday apartment you are close to the Bremerhavener Festwoche that take place from the 24th to 28th of July 2013.

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10. North Frisian Islands - Holiday apartment for 2 people from 245 EUR/week

"Small clean holiday apartment, everything there what one would need." This is how this holiday apartment on the island Nordstrand has been described by an atraveo customer. From here you can go on a daytrip to the mainland and visit the Husum Matjes Days which take place from the 28th to 30th of June 2013.

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