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Vacations in a castle
Post from 14/08/2009

Spend a vacation in a castle like a king

Once upon a time there was an old castle that was located between volcanic beaches, green headlands and endless forests on a small hill. Inside one could smell the wet logs that were crackling in the open fire. What sound like a fairy tale could be the setting for your next vacation! On atraveo you are able to find more than 90 castles, palaces and castellos in nine European countries that you can rent for your next vacation. Whether it is a Norman castle in Calabria or a fortified castle in Catalonia – experience the uniqueness and charm of manor type properties from the Middle Age.

Be once the lord or dame of the castle
In the region Venetia there is a delightful apartment in a former farmhouse that was built against the inner wall of a castle constructed in the 10th century. Next to the private garden you also have access to the large park where you can go on relaxing strolls. Those who like premium wine will be at home here as in this castle Merlot, Prosecco und Co. are produced and sold. On request it is possible to pay a visit to the wine cellars. A central location – 16 kilometres from the sea and 30 kilometres from Venice – ensure a relaxing vacation combined with a traditional historic background. In the peak season (august) you will have to pay between 800 and 1000 Euros for a castle vacation.

Spent a vacation in a world heritage site?
In Tuscany one is able to find the castello built in the 12th century, protected as a world heritage site and still fully preserved. The extended fortification complexes constructed in the 15th century are to this day inhabited by farmers. Should you want to experience the flair of former times then you will very much find this holiday apartment to your liking that has been lovingly furnished with antique Tuscan farm furniture. In the late summer when the evenings are cooler you can sit down in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and let the day come a cosy and pleasant end. The castello is located around 8 kilometres from the small town Pienza. The town is very much appreciated by art lovers as it was established in 1459 by appointment of Pope Pius II and built around his residence. In the late summer months September and October a week castello vacation will cost between 370 and 500 Euros for four people.

Live like rich Venetian aristocrats
Along the Adriatic Coast in the province Padova there is an exclusive holiday apartment in the wing of a original Venetian villa from the 16th century. The central wing of the villa is occupied by the owner and is also home to a museum. The term ´Villa` should not be misunderstood as in many cases such Venetian villas actually are proper palaces. They were constructed by the Venetian aristocrats and used as luxurious summer residences. It is the perfect place to indulge in the luxury of previous times – next to a private swimming pool, a garden and a large park complex around the villa you are able to make use of the services of a private cook or book organised trips to the towns in the vicinity. This luxury has its price: A week for 8 people costs between 3.500 to 4.300 Euros in the months of July to September.

Once upon a time there was a king and queen
Should you prefer to spend your vacation like a king and queen in a palace you should consider taking your court (up to 10 people) to the Château du Lac in the region Liége in Belgium. In the vicinity of the sea Lac de Warfaaz and idyllically located at the Corniche de Balmoral one has a breathtaking view of the region. The château was built in 1913 and many famous people have resided here including barons, English diplomats and even a German chancellor. Enjoy the luxury of this castle whether it’s the terrace with grill, open fire, sauna or swimming pool – here all wishes are fulfilled which make it a truly royal holiday. A week vacation in this property with your court up to 10 people will cost between 2.000 and 4.000 Euros depending on season.

Vacation with the entire royal household
These Middle Age domiciles are particularly ideal for family celebrations as these palaces and castles provide enough room for a entire royal household. For smaller families the Château de Tourneau in the French Martizay in the region Centre may be more suitable that provides enough space for up to 14 people. After some splendid fun in the heated pool the terrace invites you to enjoy a long grill evening. Indulge in the Savoir Vivre of this castle built in the 18th century.

If you now have been captivated by the above descriptions then enter when making a search on atraveo ´Further characteristics` palaces and castles!

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