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Post from 20/12/2011

Guests with pets

Animal lovers will not want to leave their pets behind when going on vacation! For this reason atraveo provides more than 100,000 holiday accommodations where pets are welcome guests. Here many properties allow one or even more than one pet! Regardless whether you want to go on vacation with one or more pets or just want to stay nearby: You have the choice.

Pet lovers must click on pets when starting with their search and you will receive a list of all pet friendly properties in the selected region and desired travel date. In every description of the respective offer the pet owner will be able to find further information on how many animals are permitted or if any restrictions apply in regards to the size. Some texts also may contain valuable details and tips where the next dog beach is and how far it is to the veterinarian where you are staying.

As a pet owner you should commence with your holiday plan well in time as many holiday accommodations are taken up in advance in the main travel season. When booking your holiday home for your vacation there are some aspects you should consider:

  • Dogs are pack animals and therefore should also not be left alone whilst on vacation. Holiday homes are suitable for pet owners if they are available for exclusive use, have sufficient space as well as provide a fenced garden and include all amenities which make it pet friendly.
  • Is there enough beach and space for your dog to roam at your desired location and in the surrounding proximity? Please note: Dogs are particularly in the summer prohibited from coming onto the beaches in Europe’s most popular travel destinations.
  • Can your animal cope well with climate changes such as very hot weather, cold or a high level of humidity? For the sake of your animal it is recommended not to subject them long journeys towards the south in the summer due to high temperatures. Therefore we advise you to visit Italy and the adjacent countries in the off season.
  • Planning the journey: The means of transport with your pet is your own vehicle. Your pet is familiar with it and you are able to choose when a break is necessary. Both travelling by train or ship can be an unpleasant experience (no possibility for a run out because of limited breaks, no muzzle obligation expensive fairs). If possible you should avoid travelling by plane as such a flight will be stressful for the animal and is associated with health risks. This option can also be very cost intensive!