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Pool villa in Istria: Object 617979
Post from 31/12/2014

What you see is what you get – our guarantee for your holiday

We shall be introducing a wide-ranging customer guarantee at the turn of the year and right in time for the start of the main booking season. 
"Is the holiday home actually as it has been described?" "Is there a house at all?" We receive these and similar questions every now and then from concerned new customers. As astonishing as this is from our perspective, it illustrates the concern that some holidaymakers obviously still have when booking via the Internet. Reason enough for us to make you a promise:
“What you see is what you get”
The descriptions of the holiday homes and apartments on atraveo can be relied upon. In each case, they represent actual facts – regardless of whether they come from a private owner, a local agency or a tour operator. All cooperating providers are bound to this principle before we start working together. Take our word for it! If there are, however, grounds for a complaint and the provider of a property does not resolve the problem, then you can contact atraveo. We assure you that we will deal with the matter in an obliging and non-bureaucratic way.

How do objects actually end up in the atraveo range?

Basically, no object can be uploaded onto the atraveo website without being audited. Collaboration will first be discussed in a one-to-one interview after a new partner has been selected. Through close contact with the respective owners, agencies, and tour operators, our staff can ensure both the quality of the range and a smooth booking process. This close contact continues, of course, in the ongoing collaboration.
There are also tasks to be done from a technical point of view: The object data, which the providers supply online or via an interface, will be processed, checked, interpreted and optimised at atraveo for customer-friendly display on the site. However, text and images are not the only things which play a role here. Details about the location, house coordinates, occupancy, and the prices must be continuously displayed correctly.
Behind the scenes, a large number of atraveo’s staff therefore concern themselves with ensuring the accuracy and current validity of object descriptions in a variety of ways. We see one of our key strengths in this comprehensive process of selecting, checking and maintaining the range. And we also want to guarantee this with “What you see is what you get”.

Terms of the guarantee

Through its legal obligation, atraveo guarantees to you that: "What you see is what you get." The descriptions of the holiday accommodation offered on the website of atraveo GmbH correspond to facts in their essential details. All cooperating providers agreed to this principle with atraveo before we started working together. Should complaints arise during a stay at a holiday property, the following rules shall apply:

  • If you discover a problem on site during your stay, you are to notify the provider of the property or the provider’s local representative about it immediately to give him the possibility of remedying it. In rare cases, there may be a possibility of alternative accommodation.
  • If the complaint is not dealt with on site, you should contact the provider in writing, no later than two weeks after you return from your holiday. Please include supporting documents, if possible. Alternatively, you can also send the complaint to atraveo, and we will then forward it to the provider.
  • If the provider does not respond within a period of six weeks from receipt of the complaint or if no agreement can be reached with the provider within eight weeks, atraveo will undertake a mediation attempt, e.g., through a settlement proposal. Should this also be unsuccessful, atraveo will step in if your claim is considered justified and you will assign your claim against the provider to atraveo, in return.
  • Limitation: Regardless of any possible contractual or legal claim against the provider of the holiday accommodation, this guarantee applies solely to the accommodation service itself and excludes replacements for the arrival and departure or so-called lost enjoyment of the holiday. The guarantee is limited to the amount of the rental or travel price that has actually been paid and, where appropriate, the additional costs. A refund for deviations from the description of the accommodation due to cases of force majeure (for example storms, fire), is excluded.


Do you like the house shown above? You can view the object description here.