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Holiday home in the snow
Post from 24/07/2015

Secure the right ski lodge in time

Winter is coming! Don’t you believe it? Then take a look at the calendar: Christmas is already less than five months away and therefore so is the peak tourist season for all winter sports enthusiasts.

Those who have not yet found the right ski lodge should hurry because the most attractive and well-rated properties are becoming scarcer, week after week.

Ski lodges and holiday apartments which are located directly at the ski piste or by the ski lift are clearly No. 1 on the list of most popular winter accommodation. Depending on whether the house is on the mountain or in the valley below, the ski-run will start or end here - directly at the property, regardless of whether you’re on skis or have a snowboard under your feet. Instead of running to the ski piste with all your ski equipment or having to tediously commute around by ski bus, you can simply open the front door and off you go. In the evening, you can then comfortably wind down after an eventful day on the piste - perhaps beside a roaring fire in the holiday home’s own fireplace.

We have put the ski lodges and holiday apartments – which are located directly at the piste in the popular ski areas of Austria, France and Switzerland - together for you, among our holiday ideas. In addition, as a foretaste, we’ll show you some examples below. Our holiday-home search engine also offers the possibility of manually selecting the desired distance to the nearest downhill ski-run or to the nearest cross-country ski trail. If the ultimate proximity to the nearest piste is not the most important criterion for you when searching for a holiday home, it may sometimes be advisable to set the distance to 1,000 metres or more. The range of available offers will then be greater than the selection of accommodation located directly near the ski piste.

Where do you want to travel to?

Those who definitely want to spend their skiing holiday in the Alps should search for the ski area of their choice from these regions, among others:

Austrian Alps
Swiss Alps
French Alps
Italian Alps
Bavarian Alps

But interesting ski areas could also tempt you outside of the Alps. For example, the many low mountain ranges in Germany, such as the Sauerland and the Black Forest. And the Giant Mountains, the Bohemian Forest and the Tatra Mountains in the Czech Republic and Poland also promise great winter fun.

If you want to travel over Christmas or New Year, you should pay special attention to the scheduling. Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday this year. Since most holiday accommodation has a minimum rental period of one week and the arrival day is usually set for Saturday, this will make 19 December the main date for arrivals. In the case of a trip lasting one week, the departure date will then take place on the second day of Christmas. This, in turn, will be the main arrival day for a holiday over the New Year period (also a Thursday).

We have compiled further tips for the winter holiday on our skiing-holiday information page. Here you will learn, among other things, which ski areas in the Alps and the rest of Europe are the most popular, and what you should definitely keep in mind when booking a ski lodge.