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The customer reviews on atraveo

After the trip, all atraveo customers are asked to share their experiences and impressions with future guests, and leave a review of the holiday home and the resort.

Most customer reviews contain useful tips and valuable information about the location, the facilities, and last but not least, whether the holiday home or apartment was good value for money. All the reviews on atraveo are genuine and are reproduced without alteration. In addition to a lot of praise, you can therefore also find quite critical voices.

In total, there are currently more than 490,000 customer reviews which have been submitted to atraveo. And the number of reviews is continually rising.

How are the holiday homes rated?

With the blue atraveo house symbols, each guest can rate the holiday home that was visited on a scale of one (= not recommended) to five (= highly recommended). A comments section provides an opportunity to explain the rating in more detail and specifically elaborate on positive and negative impressions.

An average is calculated from all the reviews submitted for a property. Therefore, when you’re searching for a holiday home or apartment, pay attention to the blue house rating of the individual properties in the results list! And, of course, you can sort the search results by the customer ratings. Thus, the top-rated holiday homes and apartments will be displayed to you first of all.

All reviews are genuine!

atraveo places a great deal of importance on the authenticity of the customer reviews. Every single review will therefore be reproduced without alteration after being briefly checked. Basically, any holidaymaker can submit a customer review to atraveo, but to ensure authenticity, it will be manually checked before publication to see whether the reviewer really was a guest at the holiday home.

Every review counts!

Allow other holidaymakers to benefit from your experience and rate the holiday home that you visited with the blue atraveo-house symbols!

If you have only booked recently or just returned from your holiday, you will automatically be asked by atraveo whether you want to submit a review. In this case, you only need to follow the link in the respective e-mail and you will be directly taken to the reviews submission page.

aIf your trip took place some time ago, but you still want to submit a review, you are also welcome to do so. Simply enter the name of the holiday resort into the atraveo search engine, select the corresponding property from the results list – and you can then start with your review. Alternatively, if you are familiar with the property number, you can also enter it directly into the search engine.

Properties that have been recognised by atraveo customers

Owners who collaborate with atraveo also appreciate the customer reviews as direct feedback for their holiday domicile, and they are very happy to advertise the atraveo customer ratings. For example, our atraveo plaques, which honour a holiday home that has been well-rated by atraveo customers, have proven popular. Take a look to see if you can discover a few in your holiday resort!

We’ll also show you snapshots of properties that have been honoured with atraveo plaques in the image slider at the top of this page.

atraveo award for the best holiday resort

atraveo also takes the reviews of the holiday resorts as an opportunity to present an annual award to the best holiday resorts. Winners consist of the towns and municipalities that have received the best customer ratings on average for their country within the space of a year.

This began in 2010 with the presentation of the award for the best German holiday resort, followed a year later by additional awards for the best Italian and Dutch holiday resorts. And finally, since 2014, the best resorts in Spain and Croatia have also been honoured.

Here is an overview of all the previous winners:

Rate atraveo!

atraveo’s service can also be rated via an independent review portal. atraveo has obtained an average of 4.8 out of 5 possible points. The clear objective is, however, to achieve a 5-star rating for everything! Because atraveo’s service does not just extend to the website - our specially trained customer service reliably takes care of all booking requests and can be reached for all your questions. Was everything to your satisfaction? Or is there something we could improve? Let us know and submit your review!