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Holiday houses in the Danube bend & holiday apartments in the Danube bend

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Holiday home on Danube Bend: the heartland of Hungary’s history

On its way toward Budapest, the Danube abandons its course and makes a turn from east to south, cutting through the hills of Visegrád and Börzsöny. Known as the Danube Bend, the area is famous for its limestone hills, volcanic mountains, and gorgeous beaches. The Danube Bend is also the heartland of Hungary’s history, and a holiday home here will be the perfect base to explore the remnants of the Roman Empire.

Takin a holiday home on the Danube Bend

To best explore the Danube Bend, take a few days and rent a holiday house or a holiday apartment in one of the cities along the river. The most visited cities on the west bank of the Danube Bend are Visegrád, Szentendre, and Esztergom. Start your journey with the small town of Visegrád. Here, you can visit the Royal Palace, dating back to the 14th century, Solomon Tower and the Citadel. Near Budapest, the city of Szentendre is a lovely place to book a holiday house. Among the highlights of the city are the Open-Air Ethnographic and the Ferenzy museums, and it's a good place for souvenir shopping. From Szentendre, head to Budapest. The capital city is filled with holiday rental opportunities and a wide variety of activities. On the east bank of the Danube Bend, taking a holiday rental is just as advantageous as on the west. Here, you can visit the city of Vác, also known as the ‘City of Churches.’ Founded by St. Stephen, the first Hungarian King, the city's main attraction is its eponymous Vác Cathedral.

The best time to visit

From May to August is when most travellers choose to book a holiday house or holiday apartment along the Danube Bend. The ideal temperatures, 23°C to 28°C, and the low humidity are suitable for various outdoor activities such as river cruises, sunbathing, sightseeing, and water sports. Surrounded by nature and historic cities, with plentiful holiday rental homes, the narrow valley is an ideal spot for a family getaway.

The top rated locations in the Danube bend

  1. Szentendre
  2. Nagymaros

  • Property no. 1194480
    from USD 422
    for 1 week

    Szentendre, Danube bend

    Holiday apartment for max. 7 persons

    Approx. 140 m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (max. 2), cable TV, Wifi, dishwasher
  • Property no. 118318

    Zebegény, Danube bend

    Holiday home for max. 5 persons

    Approx. 70 m², 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, pets not allowed, satellite TV, washing machine,
    3.5 out of 5
    2 Customer reviews
  • Property no. 118319

    Kismaros, Danube bend

    Holiday home for max. 4 persons

    Approx. 52 m², 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, pets not allowed, satellite TV
    4.0 out of 5
    1 Customer review
  • Property no. 764629
    from USD 287
    for 1 week

    Nagymaros, Danube bend

    Holiday home for max. 8 adults + 2 children

    Approx. 180 m², 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets not allowed, satellite TV
  • Property no. 118436
    from USD 310
    for 1 week

    Szentendre, Danube bend

    Holiday home for max. 4 persons

    Approx. 98 m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets not allowed, satellite TV, Wifi, dishwasher
    1.0 out of 5
    1 Customer review
  • Property no. 1531056
    from USD 2,462
    for 1 week

    Dobogókö, Danube bend

    Holiday home for max. 8 adults + 7 children

    Approx. 500 m², 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pets are allowed (max. 4), satellite TV, Wifi, washing machine