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Fishing lodges and holiday homes for anglers

You’ll find perfect fishing lodges and holiday homes here in Europe’s most popular fishing areas. These angler-friendly properties will provide you with a nearby fishing spot or will be located directly by a lake or the sea. They often have the possibility of allowing you to clean the fish, a filleting area, and a spacious refrigeration option. In addition, you’ll also find space to store your fishing equipment.

Holiday house near the beach for 8 people on Bornholm.

Bait thrown out

​Denmark | Rich fishing grounds and holiday houses that are no further than 500 metres from the water make Denmark a paradise for anglers.

Germany | Get your fishing rod

Get your fishing rod

Germany | Whether you’re by the sea, at one of the numerous lakes and rivers – each angler will find his individual fishing paradise in Germany.

Norway | ​Fishing huts

Fish on the hook

​Norway | A boat and close by fishing grounds will very much excite hobby fishers. We have the suitable hut: For example with fillet place and freezer.

Log house for 8 people in the Finnish lake district.

With your own fishing area

Finland | The north European country is well-known for its fishing culture. In this fishing lodge with access to the lake, you can cast your fishing line right from the jetty into the water.

South Sweden | Holiday home with fishing area

Holiday home with fishing area

South Sweden | An own boat and fishing area only a few steps from the holiday house make Sweden the fishing paradise of the north.