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Holiday houses in Forès & holiday apartments in Forès

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  • Pool villa for up to eight people on Fuerteventura.
    Bathing fun the whole year round

    ​Canaries | The swimming pool here can be used the whole year round, since the Canary Islands are well-known for their constant and pleasant temperatures.

    Per week from USD 582

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    Vacation with your dog

    ​Spain | With these holiday houses it is explicitely allowed to bring pets so that your faithful four legged friend can also enjoy a relaxing and eventful holiday.

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    Holiday with your own pool

    Spain | The best way to lend a little “something extra” to your Spanish holiday is with your own pool. Make a spontaneous decision as to whether you want to go to the beach or prefer to enjoy the privacy here.

    Per week from USD 506

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  • Canaries | Jump into the cool water
    1,003 offers

  • ​Spain | Vacation with your dog
    7,672 offers

  • Spain | Holiday with your own pool
    8,331 offers

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Forés is one of the municipalities in the Medieval and Cistercian routes. The village has 66 inhabitants.
It is located on a fortified hilltop of 864 m., which dominates the fertile valley of the Conca de Barbera and looks out over the sea, the Pyrenees mountains, and the sacred mountain ...
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of Montserrat. From a geological and landscape view, is one of the most interesting places in the county.

At the top stands out the ornate octagonal tower of the Romanesque church of Sant Miquel, which is dedicated to the archangel praised as overcoming demons.

The church is a point of the Forés Ley line which starts on the coast near Terrassa (Barcelona) and reaches Lleida, where it connects with the great way that marks the Ley line of the Camino de Santiago from Catalonia to Compostela (Campus Stellae),the line that follows through Zaragoza (Caesar Augusta) to Logroño, where it connects with the French path that passes through Roncesvalles and Estella (Navarra).

This aligns Forés with all churches which are consecrated to the Archangel San Miguel, a straight line following the axis of the nave of the church. At 90º exactly from this Line, following the direction of the transept of the church, about five kilometers away is to be found on a hill 750 m high the hermitage of Sant Pere de SAVELLA (S. Pedro), part of another alignment consecrated to San Pedro, or Sant Roc churches, note that both mean "rock" (petrus).

It is within the telluric alignments, power center where many Ley Lines concur, similar to Montserrat.

To identify a Ley line one just needs to be an observant walker or to read a map, to realize the totally straight exact alignments linking temples, monasteries, sacred springs, transcepts, cemeteries and prehistoric sites such as Iberian or megalithic forts.

North of Forés is the Spring of Light whose water is reputed as miraculous.
A short walk away in the middle of a vineyard is a field of Iberian urns (burial); all the graves are oriented exactly in the same direction as the Ley line and aligned with the source and Forés church.

The hermitage of Sant Pere de Savella, chapel of a single nave, one of the oldest in Catalonia, where there is also a small Romanesque cemetery in the XII century floor, and also the ruins of the castle of Savella and an Iberian fort.

The Ley follows the line dedicated to Sant Pere (St. Peter) churches, coincides as well with the spring, which also has a reputation as healing water, located in the naturist village of El FONOLL, where there is also another chapel. El Fonoll is situated 3 km behind Forès, at the other end of the valley whose watershed behind Forès stands as the divide between waters flowing straight down to the Mediterranean via the River Gaia, or flowing north-west towards the Ebro.

The Ley lines are predate Christianity considerably, and the Catholic Church has merely attempted to appropriate for itself and "rename" those pagan places that are sacred since prehistoric times due to the energies which concur within them.

Maybe one day someone will be encouraged to discover the link between the Compostela Ley Lines and their link with Rome and Ephesus. Other Ley lines connect these with Giza, Crete, Acropolis, Mount Olympus, Byzantium, Konia, Catal Huyuk, Hacilar and other sacred places of antiquity.

Tradition says that, when walking on those mysterious power lines, the pilgrim acquiires an extraordinary alchemic vibration, which transforms him or herself internally and externally.
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source: Díez Vilardebò + Burbidge

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  • Forès, Spanish mainland (Catalonia)

    Holiday home for max. 10 persons

    Property no. 1645286
    from USD 432
    for 1 week
    Approx. 200 m², 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (max. 1), satellite TV, Complete Wifi coverage, dishwasher, non-smoking property, sea approx. 45 km, sauna,