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Logos and photos

Would you like to report about atraveo? We can provide you with photos, logos and other graphics.

As far as nothing else has been stated the copyrights and image rights are held by atraveo. On publication with the graphic or photo a reference should be made to atraveo or state atraveo as the source. We would very much appreciate a brief email when publication is released.

Some information: It is not permitted to alter or edit the graphics and photos. Furthermore it is not allowed to cover up or leave out parts. Independent from the displayed size the proportions of height and width are to be adhered to.



atraveo logo with shade

atraveo logo with shade
(only for white background)

GIF (67.7 KB) | EPS (886 KB)


atraveo logo with no shade


atraveo logo with no shade
(for all coloured backgrounds, sample)


GIF (12.1 KB) | EPS (369 KB)




atraveo's office in Düsseldorf

2000 x 1333 Pixel
1,8 MB



Trophies atraveo Prize

2000 x 1305 Pixel
1.7 MB