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Holiday houses in the Mecklenburg Lake District & holiday apartments in the Mecklenburg Lake District

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A holiday home in the Mecklenburg Lake District

atraveo offers you a range of over 650 holiday homes and apartments in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Above all, fun is at the forefront at the hundreds of large and small lakes, both on and near the water. Thus, there are many water sports facilities and marinas in addition to the numerous beach resorts. Various possibilities are on offer here - whether it’s sailing, surfing, diving, rowing or canoeing. Long bike rides through the woods, and over the fields and meadows around the lakes are on offer as activities - away from the cold and wet. The largest part of the Mecklenburg Lake District is located in the south of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a smaller area which is also part of the state of Brandenburg. No matter which part of the Lake District you decide on, you will find a variety of leisure activities everywhere that will, above all, make a great family holiday possible. If the weather, for example, does not play ball one day, then it is usually not far to the nearest water park or an interesting museum.

Müritz and Co – the heart of the Lake District

It is particularly pleasant along the chain of lakes, which run from the Müritz via Fleesensee and Kölpinsee to the Lake Plauer, and are connected to each other by the Elde river. Here you will find a particularly large range of holiday homes and apartments with atraveo, which are usually located in the immediate vicinity of the lake. The Müritz is the second largest German lake after Lake Constance and, at the same time, the largest lake that lies completely within Germany. Many places, such as Waren an der Müritz, Röbel-Müritz or Rechlin with their historic town centres offer a lot to be discovered. One attraction in Waren is the Müritzeum, a discovery centre with a large freshwater aquarium, where you can be informed about the flora and fauna of the region. The Müritz National Park on the eastern shore extends up behind Neustrelitz, and is characterised by thick forests, numerous larger and smaller lakes, and mysterious moors.

The Kölpinsee, which lies to the west of the Müritz, is secluded and surrounded by thick forests in the landscape. There are no large settlements at the lakeshore, so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and particularly impressive countryside here. It is livelier at the town of Malchow which lies on the southern shore of the adjacent Fleesensee lake. Via the small Malchower See, you can then reach the Plauer See, which is the second largest lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District after the Müritz, and attracts visitors with its beautiful bathing beaches, many tourist facilities and the town of Plau am See. The Nossentiner/Schwinzer Health Nature Park extends to the north of the lake. A trip on one of the excursion boats to discover all of the lakes is on offer.

The other (thousand) lakes from the holiday home

The Mecklenburg Lake District also carries the epithet of the "land of a thousand lakes". We do not know whether anyone has really counted them. But what we do know is that the many other regions and lakes of the Mecklenburg Lake District are worth discovering along with the Müritz and its neighbouring lakes. For example, the Feldberg Lake District lies in the south, in the area which borders Brandenburg. Here, you will find very many idyllic lakes such as the Großer Fürstenseersee, the Schmaler Luzin, the Breiter Luzin and the Carwitzer See, all picturesquely located amid the surrounding woods.

The Tollensesee lies in the east of the Lake District along with the city of Neubrandenburg, where the four well-preserved medieval city gates, among other things, will impress you. To the north of here, the Mecklenburg Lake District is bordered by a range of hills called Mecklenburgische Schweiz, which separates it from the Baltic Sea coast. In front of this, amid a landscape of fields and meadows lie the Kummerower See and the Malchiner See, which also offer very beautiful bathing beaches and a variety of water sports possibilities.

Opinions are divided on the question of whether the Schweriner See in the west forms part of the Meckelnburg Lake District. We find it so beautiful here that one might just as well include the Schweriner See as part of the Mecklenburg Lake District. While on holiday here at the elongated lake with its islands and the causeway that crosses it, you can visit the provincial capital of Schwerin with its castle and many other attractions.

The easiest way to arrive at the Mecklenburg Lake District

... is by using your own car. The A24 motorway between Berlin and Hamburg leads along the Lake District in the south. From here, the A19 branches off towards Rostock and leads across the Mecklenburg Lake District and along the Müritz and the Plauer See. To the west of here, the A14 leads towards Wismar and thereby runs right past Schwerin and the Schwerin See. To the north of the Lake District, the A20 coastal motorway additionally runs parallel to the Baltic Sea coast and connects Lübeck with Greifswald. For rail travellers, there are train stations in Waren, Neustrelitz and Schwerin. However, if you are arriving by train, it is essential that you clarify in advance that you will be able to reach your holiday home from the train station without any problems.

The best time to travel for a holiday in the Mecklenburg Lake District

... is, of course, during the summer months when the temperatures make a great seaside holiday possible. The bathing season usually extends from July to early autumn. However, it is also nice to experience the region with its woods in spring or autumn. Then, for example, canoe trips along the picturesque canals that connect the lakes will be on offer.