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Special offers with atraveo

Early booking discounts

Those who start their search for the perfect holiday home early, have the best chances of finding something suitable. Because you can still choose from a wide range at the beginning of the booking season, even on coverted travel dates. In addition, those who book early will often be rewarded with discounts: 5, 10, even 15% is not rare. Furthermore, you save yourself the stress of looking for a holiday home at the very last moment.


Last minute offers

Last-minute holidaymakers might have to search for their dream accommodation a bit longer, as the later the booking, the smaller the range. However, those who are flexible can also save a lot – up to 33% and more!


Bonus days and other special prices

Extra holidays are concealed behind equations such as 7=6. You book 7 days, but only have to pay for 6. Also watch out for double-bonus day 14=10 offers.


The most-booked travel destinations for a holiday home vacation at the height of summer include: Tuscany and Lake Garda in Italy, both Dalmatia and Istria in Croatia and, of course, southern France.


Best prices and comparability

You will find holiday homes and apartments with clear price comparisons at atraveo. As a rule, the data is assessed per week and object – and not per person. Tip: Search directly with a travel date, length of the trip and number of people. Wherever possible, you will then obtain the already-calculated prices.